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An electronic safe is ideal for all sorts of environments which include home, office or business, They are powered by batteries and not mains as some customers might think. Entry level models will have their batteries stored on the inside and will have an emergency key provided to gain access if the batteries do not have sufficient power. Certain models will have the batteries stored within the lock so you can change them should they fail.

Our range of electronic safes come in a variety of different sizes and also for different uses, these vary from entry level types which act just as a deterrent to a thief, to models which protect documents from fire, to models designed for storing cash in them for secure keeping.

The benefits of having a safe with a digital keypad are varied and include the following:

  • You do not need to keep a key with you at all times which some insurance companies require you to do.
  • There is no spare key to keep hidden securely away.
  • You can change a code at any time if you think there is someone who has discovered it.
  • Advanced electronic locks on an electronic digital safe have an audit trail facility meaning you can see who have used the safe.
  • Some safes can be wired up to your alarm system with a duress function which can alert the Police in the event of you or staff being held up.
  • Certain locks will offer a different amount of user codes which gives you flexibility to program different numbers for staff.

You also need to know that with these types of safes that you will need to ensure you change the batteries on a 6-12 month basis and that you remember the code to gain access. Some models will have an override method which include an emergency key or manufacturer master code, however any models which are insurance approved will not have these options. Please ask for more details if you are unsure.

Which ever product you decide you should always ensure it is fixed down, this applies to safes of all types as the last thing you want is a thief from removing the safe and having all the time in the world to get it open. Often our customers question this but they do not get to hear the stories from other clients which have included a safe being thrown out of a window and this was not a particularly light model either! You will need to bolt it down as part of your insurance requirement and is essential for you to be covered for any claims.

Digital home safes come in various sizes, small digital safe and small electronic safe to large digital electronic safe

Other useful things to look out for on a digital safe are an internal LED - ideal if you plan to keep the safe in a dark area such as a wardrobe, LCD display on the lock and what fittings are included inside, with some having an option of a lockable cupboard.

Our top tip for digital safes has to be put a reminder in your calendar to change the batteries, one of our most frequent phone calls from customers is that the lock is working but my safe will not open. The answer to this problem is usually that the batteries were not changed for 2 years! As standard on these models you will find there is a lockout feature which is enabled on the safe when the wrong code is entered. This will mean the safe can not be accessed for a certain time period which is usually 30 minutes but dependent on the model and security level. In this instance we recommend that you leave the safe for an hour and go back to it later, replace any old batteries with a fresh set of high energy type such as Duracell or Energizer. Never ever use rechargeable batteries as these do not give enough power to make the lock function correctly and they are also usually slightly larger and will not fit into the battery compartment.

Entry level electronic lock Digital keypad Advanced lock with audit trail

Finally a tip on emergency keys, another major question when a customer can not gain access to their safe is where are your emergency keys? Well we kept them locked inside the safe to keep them secure. Unfortunately most manufacturers are not able to provide copies of the emergency key and so you will need to get a locksmith out to open it for you. We recommend asking them to pick the lock where possible as this will ensure you can use the safe again, if not they might just try to use tools to drill it open which would render it useless for use and then will try to sell you a much more expensive safe than buying from us! Always keep your emergency keys hidden in a secure place and never ever keep both of them together so you have a back up plan if one of them is lost. If you purchased an Arregui model from us then we are able to offer replacement keys, we will need proof of purchase and also copy of your ID so we are able to release these securely. This is one of the many benefits of buying an electronic safe from Simply Safes, you can rest assured we have the knowledge to best advise you of which type of safe you should purchase.

Free UK mainland delivery is included on all models in the range and some models also include installation just for that added peace of mind. If the product you choose does not include installation we can arrange it with our team of professional installers for a day that is amicable. We regret it is not possible to give times unless a timed delivery is paid for in advance.

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BTV Minibank Safe - Red

BTV Minibank Safe - Red

£45.00Inc. VAT

BTV Minibank Safe - Red

Locking: Electronic
External: 230(W) x 170(H) x 170(D) mm

BTV Alpha 25 Deposit Safe

BTV Alpha 25 Deposit Safe

£70.79Inc. VAT

BTV Alpha 25 Deposit Safe

Deposit Type: Letter Slot
Locking: Electronic
External: 350(W) x 250(H) x 250(D) mm
Found: 2 products