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Cash Boxes

Cash Boxes

Cash boxes are also known as a petty cash box, they offer an ideal place to store coins, notes and other small items such as keys which need to be locked away but still have easy access too.

They are most commonly suited for use in the home, schools, shops or just simply in an office, in fact anywhere that cash might be handled. Purchasing a cash box is not a huge investment and offers a better solution than just keeping cash in a biscuit tin or ice cream tub.

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Cash Boxes

Why choose a cash box?

Cash boxes are used daily across the world in shops, bars and restaurants and are a quick way of depositing cash into a secure box instead of the till drawer overflowing.

We have a range of different petty cash box models in different sizes and are usually locked with a key. We also offer drop safes with an electronic lock, but these are much larger and could be more suitable to your business requirements.

DID YOU KNOW? Cash boxes despite being lockable cannot be bolted down so we advise storing a cash box in a safe when not in use to ensure valuable cash or items are not taken.

If you have any questions relating to cash boxes or any other queries, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.