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Having a security safe is a vital piece of equipment for businesses and are also important in the home as well. By purchasing a secure safe, it gives you peace of mind that documents, cash, valuable jewellery and other items which are priceless are safe when locked away. Security safes come in a wide variety of sizes and ratings with some also having fire protection. 

Security safes have changed over the years and we have found that customers want the peace of mind of secure safes that have protection for valuables as well as a resistance to fire. This is down to customers wanting to store identity documents such as birth or wedding certificates as well as title deeds. As a result manufacturers have started now producing safes which offer a higher level of security and fire protection in the same safe. They tend to cost a little more but provide a greater level of protection. If you are looking for a small security safe we have different models available but more than likely it will not have any fire protection as it would be too small to store anything with the thickness of the walls required.

The benefits of having a secure safe and our top tips are:

  • You can choose from a wide range of ratings to suit your needs
  • There are different lock options available with key locks fitted as standard in most cases
  • Wide choice of different electronic locks to upgrade too depending on the number of users required
  • Some models also offer a resistance to fire offering the best of both worlds and peace of mind
  • Alway ensure whatever model you choose that it is bolted down for the rating to apply
  • Sometimes all a customer wants is a small security safe, this is possible depending on the rating you need

We offer free UK mainland delivery on the security safes we feature. You should ensure that secure safes are bolted down, this will ensure the ratings apply and also so that an opportunist thief can not simply carry it away.

Secure Safes for Walls Small Security Safe for home

DID YOU KNOW? A security safe can also be known as a eurograde safe, these types of models come in different ratings and range from grade 0 up to grade 7. There are different lock options available with key locking fitted as standard and upgrades to electronic locks with advanced features an optional extra.

  • Laptop Safes
  • Laptops?

    Security storage for laptops and tablets.

  • Underfloor Safes
  • Floor Safes

    Safes which are designed to be set in concrete underground.

  • Wall Safes
  • Wall Safes

    Models which are designed to be built into a wall.

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