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Secure Storage

Secure storage in the work place is becoming increasingly necessary. We are currently expanding the range of options which we can offer to you our customer. 

We are able to offer an extensive range of security cupboards and stock cupboards as well as medical safes for secure storage of medicines.

DID YOU KNOW? School exam papers are now required to be stored in a lockable safe or cupboard as opposed to a filing cabinet. We recommend looking at the De Raat Muller PT or ET range of safes which are suitable for this requirement and available at superb prices.

Best Sellers

OXBOX OX3 Site Box

OXBOX OX3 Site Safe Box

£373.80Inc. VAT

- 2 reviews

Locking: Dual Key
External: 1200(W) x 630(H) x 665(D) mm

Securikey Large Medical Cabinet

Securikey Large Medical Cabinet

£146.40Inc. VAT

- 5 reviews

Locking: Key
External: 380(W) x 550(H) x 205(D) mm


OXBOX OX1 Van Storage Box

£190.20Inc. VAT

- 1 review

Locking: Key
External: 915(W) x 450(H) x 490(D) mm

Securikey Secure Stor SC155

Securikey Secure Stor SC155

£862.80Inc. VAT

Locking: Key
Volume: 161 litres

Van Vault 2 - Secured by Design

Locking: Key
External: 935(W) x 494(H) x 590(D) mm

Armorgard ChemBank Site Chest CBC4

Locking: Dual Key
External: 1275(W) x 1270(H) x 675(D) mm

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