1. The Fire Hazard of Lithium Ion Batteries

    The Fire Hazard of Lithium Ion Batteries
    Rechargeable batteries can be found everywhere and make our daily lives a lot easier. Unfortunately, the latest lithium ion batteries are not as harmless as they seem. What is a lithium battery? Example of the construction of a lithium battery on the inside A lithium battery is a type of battery that can store much more energy than an ordinary alkaline... 18-11-2021
  2. Expert Review: De Raat PT1 home safe

    Expert Review: De Raat PT1 home safe
    In this expert review, we take a closer look at De Raat's popular PT1 home safe. It is a home safe designed to protect cash and valuables. De Raat's PT series is Security Level S2 certified according to European Standard EN 14450, filled with a fire-retardant material and can be anchored to the floor or wall. The ET series includes the same construction... 23-07-2020
  3. Expert Review: Chubbsafes Homesafe

    Expert Review: Chubbsafes Homesafe
    Today we are going to review the Chubbsafes Homesafe 50 EL. The Homesafe series is the latest range of home safes from Chubbsafes and designed for the safe storage of money, jewellery and paper documents. The range offers certified protection against burglary and fire. The Homesafe series is European certified class S2 according to EN 14450 with a value storage... 21-07-2020
  4. Buying Guide: Fireproof Safe

    Buying Guide: Fireproof Safe
    Always protect your irreplaceable valuables against fire! Vital and irreplaceable paper documents (tax returns, certificates, diplomas, customer information, personnel files, contracts, etc.) have high emotional value or are critical to any business operation and must be protected from fire. Statistics indicate that companies need to take additional measures to protect their sensitive information.   What is a fire resistant safe... 17-07-2020
  5. Buying Guide: Security Safe

    Buying Guide: Security Safe
    A burglary takes place every 106 seconds in the UK ! Most of us don't expect to fall victim to a burglary. Yet there are 817 domestic burglaries in the UK every day! Do not wait until it is too late, but take timely measures to protect your valuables. Even good insurance is no substitute for your cash, jewellery, sensitive... 15-07-2020
  6. My safe won't open. What to do?

    My safe won't open. What to do?
    What kind of safe do u own? Safe with electronic code lock Safe with electronic code lock and emergency key Safe with a key lock Safe with fingerprint lock Safe with 2 locks (double locks) 1. Your safe is equipped with an electronic code lock Many 'problems' of a code lock are caused by a user error or a power problem... 24-06-2020
  7. How to open a digital safe if you forgot the number?

    How to open a digital safe if you forgot the number?
    Should you forget the user code, it might be possible to open without the need for a locksmith or safe engineer. However, it depends on the type you have purchased. Emergency key If you purchased an entry-level model, there should be an emergency key. This will allow you to override the digital keypad and open your safe. There will have... 28-05-2020
  8. Digital Safe or Key Safe - What's Best?

    Digital Safe or Key Safe - What's Best?
    Here at Simply Safes, this is one of the most frequently asked questions that we receive. We have put together this handy buying guide to help you make your choice. Ultimately it is our opinion that this broadly down to your own personal preference. This guide also goes into further detail about the different options available on digital locks and... 28-05-2020
  9. Find the Right Safe

    Find the Right Safe
    Making the right choice of home safe, can be overwhelming due to so many choices. At Simply Safes, we frequently receive calls asking for assistance. Our experienced staff put them at ease and help them make an educated decision. With an extensive range of safes to choose from you might ask "Why do you list so many safes?". Some are... 28-05-2020
  10. Best Fireproof Safe for 2020

    Best Fireproof Safe for 2020
    Here at Simply Safes, we have put together this handy buying guide on fireproof safes, to suit all budgets. All fireproof safes are tested differently depending on the type of item that is being protected. Media damages at different temperatures so it is important to select the right type of fireproof safe. Please feel free to get in touch with... 28-05-2020
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