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All burglary proof safes can be anchored via the base and/or the back wall.

The number of anchor holes does not determine the quality of the anchoring (or the safe). The decisive factor is whether the safe is certified against burglary and theft. In the European Standard EN 14450, EN 1143-1 and EN 1143-2, the anchoring and the anchoring material form an integral part of the test procedures. The safe is pulled with great force to simulate theft of the safe.

More background information can be found in our blog articles:

Fire resistant safe

Many fireproof safes can be anchored, but only through the base. A fire resistant safe can normally only be anchored via the back wall. In the meantime, safe manufacturers have found methods to use wall anchoring so that certified light fireproof safes can also be anchored via the back wall.

Built-in safes

Built-in safes such as wall and floor safes and key tubes already have provisions in their construction for installation in the wall or floor. These facilities are specific and built-in safes are usually installed by a contractor during (new) construction or afterwards.