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Eurograde 7 - EN 1143-1 Certified Safes

Eurograde 7 - EN 1143-1 Certified Safes

A Eurograde 7 provides the highest security level for a safe. It has a cash rating of £250,000 and a valuables rating of £2,500,000. A grade 7 safe is ideal to protect high value items such as watches and jewellery from theft. For each Eurograde 7 safe, we offer Free UK Mainland Delivery.

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Burton Eurovault Atlas Eurograde 7 Size 1KK
Burglary £ 250,000 / £ 2,500,000 Dual locking
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Burton Eurovault Atlas Eurograde 7 Size 2KK
Burglary £ 250,000 / £ 2,500,000 Dual locking
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Burton Eurovault Atlas Eurograde 7 Size 3KK
Burglary £ 250,000 / £ 2,500,000 Dual locking
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3 Items

Extra High Security Eurograde 7 Safes

A grade 7 safe is the highest Eurograde safe currently available on the market to any individual or business.

Cash and Valuables

Storing large amounts of cash and high value items such as jewellery and watches is vitally important. With the Eurograde 7 safe you have an insurance rating of £250,000 for cash and £2,500,000 for valuables.

Before making the selection of safe, we always recommend our clients to calculate the cash  rating or valuables amount that they need to fit within.

Certified and AiS Approved

A grade 7 safe has been approved by AiS which is (Association of Insurance Surveyors). In the UK they are one of the main recognized bodies in the insurance industry.

Due to the extreme security levels of the safe grade, the quality of each safe is very high and have been tested thoroughly.

EN1143-1 – This is a security standard for Europe when it comes to the testing and standards of graded safes. Extensive tests are undertaken so that a safe meets the standards for EN1143-1.

Dual Locking – Key Locks and Electronic Locking

A Eurograde 7 safe provides an extreme level of security for protecting your cash or precious valuables. All of the safes come supplied with a dual lock, which has a combination of either 2 key locks, 2 electronic locks or a mix of a key and electronic keypad.

A Eurograde VII comes supplied with 2 EN1300 Class C locks.

Location and Size of your Grade 7 Safe

Before you are about to choose the safe you require, we always advise to double check the details of the external and internal dimensions. This is so that you can confirm the safe you are interested in will fit in the required area of your house or business.

The internal volume of the safe is another important factor depending on what is required to be stored within the safe.

*Please Note* When you measure the depth, please take into consideration the size of the external hinges, handles and lock size.*

Professional Installation of a Eurograde 7 Safe

As the weight of a Eurograde 7 safe will be well over 1000kg, we would always recommend to have this professionally delivered and installed by our team. As each safe will be difficult to move and position along with the extreme weight.

A certain number of crew will be required to help and assist with the manoeuvring the safe into the final position. There will normally not be stock held of Eurograde 7 safes within the UK and these will be manufactured to order.

If you require further advice in the selection of a grade 7 safe, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Free Mainland Delivery

At SimplySafes we offer free delivery to all UK Mainland areas with each order on a pallet delivery service.