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Smart Accessories

Smart accessories offer some excellent additional functionality which can be linked into your complete system. An example of this is a smart plug, this means if you have left home or the office in a rush you can turn off the electrical supply.

The smart plug is a widely popular accessory as it also allows you to turn on a socket at will from an app, this can be done to turn lights to help with security for example. Other examples of accessories are flood detector sensors, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. Once triggered they will provide an alert to your smartphone, which is very useful when you consider the water detector might give you an early warning to your washing machine or dishwasher leaking and save you a lot of damage to personal belongings such as carpets.

In addition the water detector from Honeywell can detect if your pipes have frozen which might not be useful inside your home but might be suited to an outhouse with pipes.

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