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Questions about your payment

Payment methods

At SimplySafes.co.uk you can choose between various payment options. All payment methods are completely secure.

For more information on our payment options go to how to pay.

Can I pay by invoice?

Public Sector Organisations: we are happy to offer 30 day accounts to the following organisations subject to us receiving a signed official purchase order by email.

  • National or local government
  • NHS
  • Police
  • Educational organisations, such as schools, colleges or universities
  • Registered charities
  • Ministry of Defence

For business customers we also offer pay by invoice subject to a credit check. Payment terms are strictly 30 days.

Can I pay with PayPal and are there any additional charges?

PayPal is one of our standard payment options and you can pay with it without any additional conditions. We do not charge extra for this. 

Are your prices incl. or excl. VAT?

By default, all prices on our website are set to prices incl. VAT. However, using a VAT switch, you can quickly and easily switch between prices including VAT or excluding VAT. This switch can be found at the top right. All invoices are generated with VAT by default.

Payment failed or refused?

Has your payment failed or been declined?

Please Contact Us so we can help you further with this.