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Deposit safes are designed for use in a commercial environment where cash or receipts need to be deposited securely by members of staff but not be given full access to the safe. They are also known as a drop safe.

Normally team leaders or managers will be granted access to the drop safe and this will usually be with either a key or electronic lock.

Cash deposit safes come in various different sizes and also differing security levels. We are also able to offer deposit safes that go through a wall if required. Under counter deposit safes for shops or businesses are one of the most popular we sell.

We find locations such as shops, pubs, restaurants, hotels, schools and local council offices are the most popular environments that require a deposit safe or drop safe. The benefits to these types of places are that they offer peace of mind for staff and also for management that the items deposited will be secure.

We always recommend you ensure the cash drop safe you purchase is bolted down securely so as to prevent thieves from making off with valuable cash or items which have been deposited.

DID YOU KNOW? Some deposit safes or drop safes have a lock on the top drawer and also on the main door below. These usually come with a separate key lock on each, these can be upgraded to an electronic lock on both if needed. This means that staff members will not require keys in order to deposit items into the safe.

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BTV Alpha 25 Deposit Safe

BTV Alpha 25 Deposit Safe

£70.79Inc. VAT

BTV Alpha 25 Deposit Safe

Deposit Type: Letter Slot
Locking: Electronic
External: 350(W) x 250(H) x 250(D) mm
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