Troubleshooting Tips

Here is a selection of the trouble shooting questions that we get asked the most and so we decided to put our customers mind at rest by offering a few answers to the questions.

As we receive new questions, we will update our website with the answers. If there is anything which you can not see here then please do not hesitate to call us.

How often should I change the batteries in my safe?

We would recommend changing the batteries in your safe every 6 months if you use it regularly. If you do not use it as often then every 12 months would be sufficient.

Our suggestion would be to replace the old batteries with Duracell or Energizer. Rechargable batteries should not be used neither are the self testing type recommended.

DID YOU KNOW? Always check the expiry date on the battery pack as sometimes they can sit on a supermarket shelf for a long time.

What happens if I lose the keys to my safe?

If you lose the keys to the safe you have, you will need to show us proof that you purchased the safe from us. For certain manufacturers it is possible to get replacement keys such as Arregui or Sentry Safes. Note it is not possible on high security safes to get replacement keys without copying an original.

What happens if I forget the code on my safe?

If you have purchased a safe with an electronic lock and it has an emergency key we recommend you use the key to open the safe and then change the code. If you have a fire safe it is sometimes possible to get a manufacturer override code. NOTE: You will need the serial number of the safe in order for this to be provided.

High security safes will not have an emergency code so you will need to ensure you remember the code.

My key lock safe will not open even though I have the correct keys, what should I do?

Never force the safe open with a key, safe keys only have one way up of opening the safe. If you do force the key you run the risk of it breaking off in the lock.

I have a safe with emergency keys, where should I keep them?

Never keep the emergency keys inside the safe, if you do and the batteries run down and you are unable to open the safe you will need to get a locksmith to open it for you by drilling it open.

We recommend keeping both keys separate incase you lose one of them.

I have an external battery pack, do I use that all the time?

The external battery pack provided with your safe is only for use in emergencies, the safe will still remember your code when batteries fail or run out. Note not all safes are provided with these.

It can be plugged into a jack point which is usually located on the front lip of the keypad.

My safe will not open even though it says there is enough battery power, what should I do?

Even if the safe says the batteries are not low and the keypad is omitting sounds, we would recommend changing the batteries with brand new ones before calling us.

My safe is looking dirty, what can I clean it with?

Do not use any abrasive cleaners on the safe as this will damage the finish on the safe. Using a damp cloth and mild detergent will suffice.