Which Home Safe for me?

Ensuring valuables and your identity is protected has become more essential in every day living with the increase of crime in the home. We have an extensive range of home safes which offer different levels of security as well as different sizes and weight. You can also choose to have either a key or electronic lock which is powered by batteries. 

There are many benefits to having a home safe and these include:

  • Priceless items can be kept secure
  • Title deeds and passports are locked away in one place
  • Perfect for storing cash and spare car keys
  • Even entry level models when bolted down act as a deterrent to an opportunist thief
  • Small models can be hidden for added peace of mind
  • Option to have a fire resistant home safes model if you need to protect documents
  • Some products offer a good level of security along with fire but are more expensive
  • Different levels of security available depending on your budget and items or cash you need to store

We have also put a list together of pointers which will help you in selecting the best home safe for you:

  • Choose a location where you can secure the safe to a solid surface
  • The best surface to install is concrete, we understand this is not always possible - call us if you would like more advice
  • Try to choose a location where you will make good use of it
  • Collect together all the items you want to store and put them in a cardboard box, the box will give you an idea of the internal space needed, where possible allow extra space for the items you might have forgotten about
  • Decide if you want electronic or key locking to gain access, electronic is usually more popular but might not suit you
  • You may need a certain security level and recommend you speak to your insurance broker before you buy

Having your possessions secure does mean that it offers you peace of mind, that if you were to unfortunate enough to be broken in to your valuables would be stored securely. Although it is worth noting that an entry level model will really only put off an opportunist thief and like any item you purchase today generally you get what you pay for.

Example-household-safe Best home safe advice

We simply can not recommend a particular best home safes model per say as what will suit one client might not suit another as each customer is different but rest assured we have a model to suit all sizes, ratings and budgets and is backed up with excellent customer service and free UK delivery is included on all models in our range.

  • Good Arregui Optim T17K Mini Arregui Optim T17K Mini
  • £30.00



  • WHY? This is a small compact safe that is supplied with two keys and offers excellent value for money. It is an entry level model and is ideal for keys, money and low value items.
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  • Better Burton Eurovault Aver S2 2K Burton Eurovault Aver S2 2K
  • £196.00


  • WHY? This insurance approved model offers a cash rating of £4,000 which is a higher level of security. Ideal for domestic or office use for higher value items or cash.
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  • Best Chubbsafes Home Safe 20K Chubbsafes Home Safe 20K
  • £235.00


  • WHY? Insurance approved along with 30 minutes fire protection. This whole range of safes is well made and offers a cash rating of £4,000 or £40,000 for jewellery or valuables.
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  • Chubb Safes Air 15k Chubbsafes Air 15k
  • £74.00


    9 of 109 of 109 of 109 of 109 of 10 - 7 reviews

  • Domestic or commercial use

    • £1,000 Rated safe
    • Key lock supplied with two keys
  • Burg Wachter Combi Line CL10S Safe Burg Wachter Combi Line CL10S
  • £225.00


  • £4,000 Rated with a key lock

    • Tested for 30 minutes fire protection
    • Superb build quality

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