Here at Simply Safes, we have put together this handy buying guide on fireproof safes, to suit all budgets.

All fireproof safes are tested differently depending on the type of item that is being protected. Media damages at different temperatures so it is important to select the right type of fireproof safe.

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Fireproof Safes under £249

Key Locking Model under £249

The Phoenix Titan FS1281K is popular model with our customers and provides a key locking solution not normally seen at this price point.

  • Twin locking bolts
  • Two keys supplied
  • Internal pull out tray
  • Fixings supplied for concrete

£184.40 including VAT

Buy the Phoenix Titan FS1281K online today

Pros Cons
 60 Minutes protection for paper documents  Easily removed if not bolted down
 Key locking with two keys supplied  No water protection
 2 Larger models available  Not tested for security


Fireproof Safes between £250 and £400

Key Locking Model between £250 and £400

The Chubbsafes Home Safe S2 20K uses revolutionary V locking bolts not seen on any other brands. With many sizes available the range offers something for everyone.

  • V Shaped locking bolts
  • Known brand trusted the world over
  • 6 Sizes
  • Choice of key or electronic to suit your preference

£265.00 including VAT

Buy the Chubbsafes Home Safe 20k online today

Pros Cons
 Insurance approved for £40,000 in valuables  Easily removed if not secured
 V Shaped locking bolts  No water protection
 5 Other sized models available  Only fixing points in the base



Electronic Model between £250 and £400

The Sentry Safe Big Bolts SFW082GTC is a compact model that offers both fire and water protection. You can also keep CDs, DVDs and memory sticks inside to keep them protected from fire damage.

  • Compact size
  • Well known fireproof brand
  • 60 Minutes protection
  • Water protection

£239.00 including VAT

Buy the Sentry Safe SFW082GTC online today.

Pros Cons
 Attractive keypad with key lock  No pre-drilled holes
 Fire protection for documents and digital media  No security rating
 Water protection up to 5 inches for 24 hours


Fireproof Safes between £400 and £600

                                                              Key Locking Model between £400 and £600

The Burton Safes Firesec 4/60 2K gives peace of mind that it offers both security and fire protection that is tested. It features 60 minutes fire protection tested to LFS 60P and is insurance approved by the AiS.

  • AiS Insurance approved
  • 60 Minutes fireproof
  • Nice cube shape to accomodate different sized items
  • Popular range

£567.60 including VAT

Pros Cons
 Attractive graphite colour  Fixing only through the base
 Excellent mix of security and fire protection  Equivalent weight of a washing machine
 Locking options of key or electronic


Fireproof Safes between £600 and £750

Key Locking Model between £600 and £750

The Phoenix Data Combi DS2501K as the name suggests offers fire protection for various items - magnetic media and paper documents.

  • 90 Minutes fire protection for paper and magnetic media tapes
  • 2 Sizes in the range
  • Key locking with electronic upgrade possible
  • Internal lockable drawer
£658.80 including VAT

Buy the Phoenix Data Combi 2501K online today.

Pros Cons
 90 Minutes protection  Data storage only small
 Internal lockable drawer  Could easily be removed if not secured
 Electronic locking upgrade possible


Fireproof Safes over £750

                                Key Locking Model over £750

The Chubbsafes Dataguard NT 25K is a data safe that offers 120 minutes fire protection for magnetic media tapes and film.

  • 120 Minutes fire protection
  • Supplied with one shelf
  • Key locking
  • Other fittings available such as pull out drawers


£897.60 including VAT

Pros Cons
 120 Minutes for computer media  No method of fixing
 Prestigious NT test 120D  Fittings can add up to be costly
 4 Models in the range


                             Electronic Model over £750

The Phoenix Fire Commander FS1911E is a large model that perhaps is more suited to the commercial environment such as an office. It offers 120 minutes fire protection and comes supplied with two adjustable shelves.

  • LCD display
  • 4 Models in the range
  • Key locking also available if you prefer
  • 120 Minutes fireproof for paper documents
£1178.40 including VAT

Buy the Phoenix Safe Fire Commander FS1911E online today.

Pros Cons
 LCD display  No water protection
 Huge space for storing documents securely  More commercial use than domestic
 Fingerprint lock also available