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  1. Best Budget Safes

    Best Budget Safes
    Looking to protect your cash or valuables but don’t want to break the bank? Then our budget safe range will be the perfect solution for you. We have put together our top 5 choices to choose from with advantages and disadvantages of each safe listed below. The Best 5 Budget Safes These are the 5 safes that our expert judges... 14-10-2020
  2. How are Safes Rated?

    How are Safes Rated?
    Safes are all rated to different levels. Some even feature fire protection. During the safes testing process, they are attacked with different tools that a burglar may use. This buying guide will help you understand the complex world of safe ratings that bit easier. Buying a safe can require a great deal of research. The variety of ratings or eurograde... 28-05-2020
  3. What does Drill Protection Mean

    What does Drill Protection Mean
    Drill protection or an anti-drill device is basically a means of protecting a locking mechanism from being tampered with by means of a drill to gain access to the items within. Drilling a lock is a way of gaining access to a safe by using a power drill to open up the lock, giving the user the ability to insert... 28-05-2020
  4. How much cash can I legally hold at home?

    How much cash can I legally hold at home?
    There are no rules which state how much cash you can have within your property, however there are some very good reasons why holding large amounts of cash at home is not a good idea. Reasons not to keep large amounts of cash at home The first reason is security. If you are burgled and you leave cash sums in... 29-04-2020
  5. What are Old Safes made of?

    What are Old Safes made of?
    When looking at what old safes are made of, we would have to go back to Egyptian times. The Egyptians were the first people to value their belongings to such an extent that they felt the need to secure them for future use and they kept their important documents and valuables buried deep in pyramids, so I guess you could... 25-05-2017
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