What kind of safe do u own?

  1. Safe with electronic code lock
  2. Safe with electronic code lock and emergency key
  3. Safe with a key lock
  4. Safe with fingerprint lock
  5. Safe with 2 locks (double locks)

1. Your safe is equipped with an electronic code lock

Safe with electronic lock

Many 'problems' of a code lock are caused by a user error or a power problem (battery).

  • Take the manual with you, ensure yourself of the correct code and check whether you are performing the correct actions.
  • If you have entered the correct code, the safe door must be opened within a few seconds. Per type of safe you may need to operate a lever first. Do not wait too long or the lock will close and you will not be able to open the safe.
  • Have you entered your code several times in a row, but your safe does not open? The lock may be blocked, wait at least 1/2 hour before trying again.
  • Does the lock respond normally, is your code accepted, but your safe does not open? Replace the batteries with new Duracell (or other A-brand) batteries. The batteries may be too weak to release the lock (despite the correct code!).
  • Try a different user code if it is set.
  • Still unable to open your safe? Make a movie with your smartphone and send it to:  [email protected]. We may be able to help you quickly with an extra photo and a short cover letter.
  • Does nothing help anymore and you want to have your safe opened by a specialist?

How long does a battery last?

  • All electronic locks automatically enter a power save mode when not in use.
  • With an A-brand battery in an electronic code lock, approximately 1500-2500 openings must be possible.
  • If you open the safe 3x a day, it must last more than 1 year.
  • If you open the safe intensively 25 times a day, you must replace the battery (s) after approximately 3 months.
  • Performance is highly dependent on brand and type of battery, conditions, temperature and environment.
  • Always use A-brand batteries and never rechargeable batteries.
  • Replace batteries preventively after 2 years if you open the safe little.

2. Your safe is equipped with an electronic code lock with emergency key

These types of safes are usually cheap private safes  and the problem arises when the batteries are weak or empty and the emergency key can no longer be found. In that case, there is no other option than to have it opened by a specialist or to break it open yourself.

Tip! Always keep the emergency key outside your safe, in a safe place and remember this place!

Reorder emergency key

Despite the fact that all kinds of numbers can be found on such cheap safes, it is not possible to re-order an emergency key. The numbers refer to production series and are not linked to slot numbers, unfortunately.

3. Your safe is equipped with a key lock

safe with key lockIn general, there are very rarely problems with key locks.

In the unlikely event that it is difficult or impossible for you to open your safe, one of the key's beards may be worn or damaged. The key is difficult to lock or is difficult to turn. Do not force and keep your safe open if possible. Please contact us to for more help if you are still unable to access your safe.

Are you unable to open your safe with the key? There may be a mechanical problem and a service visit is necessary.


4. Your safe is equipped with a fingerprint lock  (fingerprint)

Safe with fingerprint lockLocks operated with a fingerprint are sporadic. The technique is interesting but is still susceptible to malfunction under the influence of temperature and humidity.

In addition, only a few such locks are European certified.

For most of these lock variants, there is also a possibility to open with a code. This can then serve as a backup. Then follow the steps described above to open your safe.

Cheap private safes with fingerprint lock are equipped with an emergency key. You can open the safe with the emergency key, provided you have it available and of course not in the safe.

Safe with 2 key locks5. Your safe is equipped with 2 locks (double locks)

If your safe has 2 locks, this is a combination of the above locks.

Most common are 2 key locks or 1 electronic code- 1 key lock.

See the steps above to open.


safe with chain around itWhich safe lock do I choose?

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