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  1. Expert Review: Chubbsafes Homesafe

    Expert Review: Chubbsafes Homesafe
    Today we are going to review the Chubbsafes Homesafe 50 EL. The Homesafe series is the latest range of home safes from Chubbsafes and designed for the safe storage of money, jewellery and paper documents. The range offers certified protection against burglary and fire. The Homesafe series is European certified class S2 according to EN 14450 with a value storage... 21-07-2020
  2. Buying Guide: Fireproof Safe

    Buying Guide: Fireproof Safe
    Always protect your irreplaceable valuables against fire! Vital and irreplaceable paper documents (tax returns, certificates, diplomas, customer information, personnel files, contracts, etc.) have high emotional value or are critical to any business operation and must be protected from fire. Statistics indicate that companies need to take additional measures to protect their sensitive information.   What is a fire resistant safe... 17-07-2020
  3. Buying Guide: Security Safe

    Buying Guide: Security Safe
    A burglary takes place every 106 seconds in the UK ! Most of us don't expect to fall victim to a burglary. Yet there are 817 domestic burglaries in the UK every day! Do not wait until it is too late, but take timely measures to protect your valuables. Even good insurance is no substitute for your cash, jewellery, sensitive... 15-07-2020
  4. What is a Security Safe?

    What is a Security Safe?
    Every safe offers a certain level of burglary resistance, but what really matters is whether the safe offers enough resistance to keep the burglar out for long enough. 1. What is a security safe? A security safe is a safe that delays against unauthorized access to valuables (contents) in an unmanaged situation. Burglary threat levels Undefined - we do not know in... 13-07-2020
  5. What is a fire resistant safe?

    What is a fire resistant safe?
    It is often thought that every safe is fire resistant. That is possible, but not by definition. A safe is only truly fire resistant if it has been tested and certified according to a fire-resistant standard. In this blog article we will discuss what kind of safe a fire resistant safe is, what you can expect from it and what you should... 07-07-2020
  6. My safe won't open. What to do?

    My safe won't open. What to do?
    What kind of safe do u own? Safe with electronic code lock Safe with electronic code lock and emergency key Safe with a key lock Safe with fingerprint lock Safe with 2 locks (double locks) 1. Your safe is equipped with an electronic code lock Many 'problems' of a code lock are caused by a user error or a power problem... 24-06-2020
  7. Anchoring well, a necessity for every safe!

    Anchoring well, a necessity for every safe!
    Regardless of the weight, we always recommend anchoring your safe. This prevents the safe from being taken from you. A well-anchored safe is an absolute necessity for light and medium-weight safes. The European standard even prescribes that all burglar-resistant safes up to 1000 kg must be properly anchored. We're talking burglar-resistant safes that protect cash and / or valuables from theft... 24-06-2020
  8. Which Type of Safe Lock?

    Which Type of Safe Lock?
    A wide variety of locks are available for safes. You can buy a safe with a key lock, mechanical code lock, electronic combination lock or biometric lock. There are also time locks and safes can be equipped with double locks so that 2 people are needed to open the safe. Each type of lock has its own advantages and disadvantages... 24-06-2020
  9. Replacement and Extra Keys

    Replacement and Extra Keys
    We often get asked about the replacement of lost keys or supply of additional keys. We can only provide replacement keys for a small selection of manufacturers and if you have purchased the safe from us. Extra and replacement keys for elsewhere bought safes If you have purchased a safe from a different retailer such as B&Q, Screwfix, Homebase or other DIY... 08-06-2020
  10. Are Safes Fireproof ?

    Are Safes Fireproof ?
    Not all safes on the market are fireproof. Most safes do not offer any fire protection at all, so it is important to check the safe you are purchasing gives you the protection you require. When purchasing a fire safe it is important to choose the right safe for whatever it is you are planning to store within it. Different... 03-06-2020
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