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  1. Which Type of Safe Lock?

    Which Type of Safe Lock?
    A wide variety of locks are available for safes. You can buy a safe with a key lock, mechanical code lock, electronic combination lock or biometric lock. There are also time locks and safes can be equipped with double locks so that 2 people are needed to open the safe. Each type of lock has its own advantages and disadvantages. The best lock is the lock that you... 24-06-2020
  2. Replacement and Extra Keys

    Replacement and Extra Keys
    We often get asked about the replacement of lost keys or supply of additional keys. We can only provide replacement keys for a small selection of manufacturers and if you have purchased the safe from us. If you have purchased a safe from a different retailer such as B&Q, Screwfix, Homebase or other DIY chains then we are not able to assist... 08-06-2020
  3. Are Safes Fireproof ?

    Are Safes Fireproof ?
    Not all safes on the market are fireproof. Most safes do not offer any fire protection at all, so it is important to check the safe you are purchasing gives you the protection you require. When purchasing a fire safe it is important to choose the right safe for whatever it is you are planning to store within it. Different... 03-06-2020
  4. Best Homes Safes for 2020

    Best Homes Safes for 2020
    Here at Simply Safes, we often get asked what the best home safe is. We have put together this best buy guide to help you make the best possible choice. With an extensive range of models to choose from we have hand picked 10 models for you, each with a different budget. Please feel free to contact one of our... 02-06-2020
  5. The Ultimate Safes Guide

    The Ultimate Safes Guide
    Why Should I Buy a Safe? There are many reasons why you should buy a safe for your home or business. Many people choose not to believing there is nothing valuable they need to keep secure. This is one of many common misconceptions. Most people will have a passport. Most of us have legal documents such as birth certificates, company certificates... 28-05-2020
  6. How to open a digital safe if you forgot the number?

    How to open a digital safe if you forgot the number?
    Should you forget the user code, it might be possible to open without the need for a locksmith or safe engineer. However, it depends on the type you have purchased. If you purchased an entry-level model, there should be an emergency key. This will allow you to override the digital keypad and open your safe. There will have been two... 28-05-2020
  7. What kind of home alarm should I get to protect my family?

    What kind of home alarm should I get to protect my family?
    Alarm systems are usually purchased as a result of a burglary or burglaries in your area. There is a wide choice of home security options available. This buying guide is to help you make an informed decision as to which type would suit you best. At Simply Safes, we understand there are a lot of companies who will sell and... 28-05-2020
  8. Best Wall Safes for 2020

    Best Wall Safes for 2020
    Hidden wall safes are a popular range of products that are designed to be installed into concrete. If you are competent at DIY, installation can be carried out. You will need a special mix of concrete and have around 100mm of additional space so you can achieve a secure fixing. Alternatively you might need to seek a builder locally who... 28-05-2020
  9. Can I Fit a Wall Safe in My House?

    Can I Fit a Wall Safe in My House?
    Wall safes are specifically designed to be secured within a cut out section in a wall as opposed to a standard type safe which you bolt to a wall or floor and this is a free standing type of safe. Whether a wall safe is suitable to be installed in your home would be determined by the type of walling... 28-05-2020
  10. Digital Safe or Key Safe - What's Best?

    Digital Safe or Key Safe - What's Best?
    Here at Simply Safes, this is one of the most frequently asked questions that we receive. We have put together this handy buying guide to help you make your choice. Ultimately it is our opinion that this broadly down to your own personal preference. This guide also goes into further detail about the different options available on digital locks and... 28-05-2020

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