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Protect Your Jewellery and Valuables Over the Christmas Period 2023

Protect Your Jewellery and Valuables Over the Christmas Period 2023

Dan Cartwright
Written by Dan Cartwright
Placed on 15 December 2023

The Christmas period is naturally a busy time for anyone with work commitments, present purchases and visiting family. So there will be times during this part of the year that you might be away from home or the business for a sustained period of time.

It is always important to remain vigilant when it comes to home security and protecting your cash, valuables and jewellery.

Home Security

When visiting family and friends over the festive period you may be away from home for a few days or even a week, so naturally your home could be targeted by opportunist burglars who are trying houses in the neighbourhood.

See our recommendations to improving your home security:

  • Automatic light timers on the inside/outside of the house – This is a simple and cost affective way of increasing the security on your home. If the lights are turned off all week then it is a clear indicator to any passer by that the home is not occupied. Purchasing a few plug devices for lights will be a cheaper purchase from any DIY store in the UK.
  • Checking of the Door and Windows in your Property – Make sure that every door and window is closed and locked correctly before leaving the property.
  • Close the Side/Back Gates – Closing the side or back gate to your house is another way of increasing the security at your house as it does not allow intruders easy access to the back of your house.
  • Removing Bins/Car on the Drive – Leaving the recycling bins on the driveway for a prolonged time is sometimes an indicator to a potential burglar that there is no one currently home. Make sure these are stored away once they are emptied. If your family is also due to visit friends or family members, we also recommend to try and leave one car on the driveway so it appears that someone is home whilst you are away.
  • Light Sensors and Cameras on the Outside of the House – Installing automatic light sensors and CCTV cameras to the outside your property is another security feature that you can add to your home. With modern technology on phones now allowing you to monitor and record movements on the outside of your home, we would highly recommend to have this fitted.

Gifts from Christmas

With different ways of increasing your home security that have been discussed, we move onto the contents of your home and protecting these valuables from theft.

Naturally the spend on gifts increases dramatically in November and December. The value on certain items will sometimes be a lot higher than other small gifts. Protecting these precious gifts can just be as important as the initial purchase. At SimplySafes we have an excellent range of high security safes that are designed to protect Watches, Jewellery, iPads/Tablets/Laptops.

SimplySafes Recommended Safes to Protect your Valuables over Xmas

At SimplySafes we have put together a list of our recommended security safes that are ideal to protect your gifts and valuables over Christmas.

Burton Eurovault Aver Grade 2 Size 0K Security and Fireproof Safe

The Burton Eurovault Aver Grade 2 is a high security safe ideal for the home or office. It offers 30 minutes fire protection for paper documents and has an excellent insurance rating of £17,500 for cash and £175,000 for valuables.


  • 30 minutes fire protection for paper
  • Cash Rating £17,500 / valuables rating £175,000
  • High security double bitted key lock – 2 keys supplied
  • Certified by ECB.S class CEN Grade II according to EN-1143-1
  • Insurance Approved


  • Cannot be anchored to the back wall

Securikey Mini Vault Silver S2-0E High Security Safe

The mini vault silver range is an ideal solution for protecting cash and valuables in the home or workplace. Both the electronic and key options have been tested and are certified to EN14450-S2. All the models include a motion sensor interior light and felt lined walls.


  • European certified safe, Security Level S2, EN 14450
  • Approved by AiS, Sold Secure and Secure by Design, Police Preferred Specification
  • Cash rating £4,000 / valuables rating £40,000
  • High security electronic digital lock, EN 1300 approved
  • Motion interior light included
  • Suitable for rear or floor fixing – Bolts supplied
  • Felt lined interior


  • No fire protection

Further Help and Advice

If you would like any further expert advice on selecting a safe, then please contact our helpful and friendly sales team.

Dan Cartwright
Written by Dan Cartwright
Placed on 15 December 2023
Categories: Advice & Tips

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