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Expert Review - SentrySafe FHW40100 Fireproof Chest (score 7,8/10)

Expert Review - SentrySafe FHW40100 Fireproof Chest (score 7,8/10)

Dan Cartwright
Written by Dan Cartwright
Placed on 13 September 2021

Today the Sentrysafe FHW40100 fire resistant box is ready for a review and another expert assessment.

The great thing about a fire-resistant box is that it is compact but still offers good fire safety. The FHW40100 has 30 minutes fire protection for data media and paper. In addition, it is ETL verified for water submersion for up to 72 hours. This is a replacement for the for Master Lock LFHW40102.

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Pros and cons
  • UL – Class 350 (Paper) & Verified ETL
  • Solid and robust
  • Beautiful finish
  • 30 minutes fire protection for paper and data media
  • ETL tested and verified waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • High quality product
  • Not burglar-resistant
  • Cannot be anchored down
Sentrysafe Fire Resistant Boxes

In total there are 3 Sentrysafe fire resistant boxes which differ in size. Model FHW40100 has 1/2 hour fire protection as do the others as shown below.

Model Fire Resistant External Dim. (HxWxD) Internal Dim. (HxWxD) Weight (kg) Volume (l)
SentrySafe 1210 Fireproof Fire Chest 1/2 hour 155 x 362 x 284 mm 89 x 305 x 191 mm 6 5,2
SentrySafe CHW20101 Fireproof Chest 1/2 hour 168 x 391 x 363 mm 112 x 325 x 216 mm 9,1 7,9
SentrySafe FHW40100 Fireproof Chest 1 hour 359 x 421 x 351 mm 295 x 305 x 206 mm 20 18,6


Safety / certification: For fire protection, this box is an excellent solution. If you have a limited amount of (important) documents that you want to store safely, you can easily put them in this box with 1/2 hour of fire protection. The certification by the American UL is one of the better fire-resistant standards in that regard. A nice addition is the verification by ETL, so that not only paper documents, but also digital media are protected against fire and water.

Solidity: The hard-shell plastic housing appears very solid. This box can take a beating. We have our doubts about the lock. Works well, but doesn’t seem very solid.

Storage capacity: That’s how we like it; the box is suitable for storing A4 format documents (folded in half) . There is even some space left, so documents in a case are no problem either. With many other boxes this can sometimes be a problem.

Quality: We already saw that the finish is solid and the inside of the box is also in perfect order. It’s not all that exciting, but everything looks good, neat and suitable for years of intensive use.


Ease of use : What is striking is that it is quite a large box. The box looks a lot smaller in the photo. Due to the dimensions in combination with the relatively high weight, it is not a typical box that you take under the arm.

Burglary-resistant:  This box offers hardly any resistance to breaking open; an opportunity burglar will not have much trouble popping it open. The cylinder lock also offers hardly any security. This is more intended to prevent that not just everyone noses in the box. Although such a box is not designed to offer burglary resistance, it is something to take into account.

Expert Review - Sentrysafe FHW40100

This Sentrysafe fire resistant box is one of the best boxes with 1/2 hour certified fire safety for paper and digital media. The box is also water resistant for a short time.

This fire resistant box is solid, robust and suitable for years of use for protecting valuable documents and digital media against fire. It comes with carry handles on the side and 2 keys are also provided

Price/performance is good.

Dan Cartwright
Written by Dan Cartwright
Placed on 13 September 2021
Categories: Advice & Tips

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