Hidden wall safes are a popular range of products that are designed to be installed into concrete. If you are competent at DIY, installation can be carried out. You will need a special mix of concrete and have around 100mm of additional space so you can achieve a secure fixing. Alternatively you might need to seek a builder locally who can carry it out for you.

Wall Safes under £249

Key Locking Model under £249

Churchill M2 Wall Safe

The Churchill M2 Wall Safe is a key locking hidden wall safe with two keys supplied. Designed to be set into concrete.


  • Solid construction
  • Two keys supplied
  • Electronic lock upgrade
  • 4 Sizes in the range

Pros & Cons

  • Can be easily hidden from view
  • Key locking with two keys supplied
  • 3 Larger models available
  • Can be costly to install
  • DIY knowledge required
  • Entry level security

£214.80 including VAT

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Digital Keypad Model under £249

Burg Wachter PW3E

The Burg Wachter PW3E features a solid construction and has a slim electronic keypad for access to the contents.


  • LCD display
  • Battery operated
  • Emergency access via a key
  • Twin live locking bolts keep door locked

Pros & Cons

  • Entry level security with solid construction
  • Easy to use keypad
  • LCD display
  • May require a builder to install
  • Requires drying out time before use

£142.80 including VAT

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Wall Safes between £250 and £500

Key Locking Model between £250 and £500

Burton Safes DK1 Wall Safe

The Burton Safes DK1 Wall Safe is only small but packs a punch with an insurance approval by the AiS.


  • Insurance approved
  • Compact size - making it ideal for smaller items
  • Choice of key or electronic locking available in the range
  • 2 Keys supplied

Pros & Cons

  • Insurance approved for £40,000 in valuables
  • 3 Larger models available
  • Key and electronic locks available
  • Compact size not ideal for larger items
  • No fire protection
  • Time required for drying before use

£290.40 including VAT

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Electronic Model between £250 and £500

Burton Safes DT3P Wall Safe

The Burton Safes DT3P Wall Safe is again a compact model but does provide a little bit more space than the key locking model seen above. It features insurance approval by the AiS for your peace of mind.


  • Digital keypad
  • Ais Insurance approved
  • Solid construction
  • Flush fitting to keep it hidden from view

Pros & Cons

  • Slim line easy to use key pad
  • Insurance approved by the AiS
  • Larger sizes are available
  • No fire protection
  • Designed to be set in concrete

£482.40 including VAT

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Wall Safes between £500 and £750

Key Locking Model between £500 and £750

Burton Safes UK4 Unica Wall Safe

The Burton Safes UK4 Unica Wall Safe offers added security rating and is insurance approved for a rating of £6,000 for cash or £60,000 for valuables.


  • Designed to be hidden from view
  • £60,000 valuables rating
  • Key and electronic locking options available
  • 3 Sizes available - this is the smallest

Pros & Cons

  • Attractive burgundy colour
  • Hidden from view
  • 3 Sizes in the range
  • Time consuming to set in concrete
  • No fire protection

£654.00 including VAT

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Wall Safes over £750

Key Locking Model over £750

Burton UK7 Unica Wall Safe

The Burton UK7 Unica Wall Safe is designed to be installed into concrete and hidden from view. Fully AiS certified for your peace of mind.


  • Largest model from the range
  • AiS Certified wall safe
  • Key locking
  • 2 Smaller sizes available

Pros & Cons

  • £60,000 Rating for valuables
  • Hidden from view by a picture
  • 3 Models with key and electronic options
  • Time consuming installation
  • No tested fire protection

£1022.40 including VAT
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