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IA-230 Yale Intruder Wireless Alarm Kit Plus

This traditional style burglar alarm kit is aimed at use in the home but equally suits a small office location. The range benefits from a unique mobility feature not seen on any other alarm kits.

Model: Y-IA230

£299.00Inc. VAT

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£299.00Inc. VAT

Alarm Type: Landline
Connection: Wireless
Installation: D.I.Y.
Sensors: 1 x External Siren, 2 x Door/Window Sensors, 2 x Pet Friendly PIR Sensors, 4 x RFID Contactless Tags, 1 x Remote Key Fob
Warranty: 2 Years
Availability: In Stock

Item Information

The Yale Intruder IA-230 Pet Friendly Alarm Kit Plus is ideally suited to those with pets up to 27kg and is more of a traditional wireless alarm in that it requires a landline for alerts. The sensors have a 200 metre range which is better than most other alarm systems and it also has a mobility check feature which will monitor movement when the alarm is disarmed which has been designed with the elderly in mind.

  • The alarm is armed and disarmed using the remote control keyfob or control panel
  • Quick disarm at the control panel using a RFID contactless tag
  • Remote arming and disarming with the use of a touch tone phone
  • Requires a connection to a landline
  • Program up to 3 telephone numbers to alert you
  • LCD display on the control panel
  • Jamming detection feature
  • Mobility check feature - ideal to check on elderly or infirm
  • Sensors supplied with the kit are pre-linked with the alarm
  • Operates on a 868MHz radio frequency
  • Features a long range maximum receiving distance of 200 metres for sensors
  • Batteries supplied with all components
  • This kit will support a maximum of 30 sensors and 6 RFID contactless tags

In the kit:

  • 1 x Internal LCD display control panel with a 96dB siren
  • 1 x 104db External siren
  • 2 x Pet friendly PIR sensors
  • 2 x Door / window sensors
  • 4 x RFID contactless tags
  • 1 x Remote key fob

You can purchase more accessories here including a remote, pet friendly PIR sensors and many more.
ERA Invincible control panel

1 x Control panel

  • LCD Display control panel with RFID contactless tag reader
  • Requires connection to mains power and telephone line
  • Battery back up in the event of power failure - 8 hours
  • Program up to 6 PIN codes for arming and disarming
  • Remote arming and disarming by a touch tone phone
  • Adjustable entry and exit delay
  • Wall mounted with supplied bracket
  • Built-in siren with adjustable duration
  • Stores 3 x phone numbers
  • 30 Event log

Yale IA External Siren

1 x External siren

  • Battery powered
  • Flashing LED when triggered
  • 104db decibel siren
  • Provides a visual and audible deterrent
  • Low battery indicator of audible pips and flashes during arming and disarming

Yale IA Pet friendly PIR sensor

2 x Pet friendly PIR sensors

  • Fitted using screws - supplied
  • Has a detection coverage of up to 7 metres in a 110 degree angle
  • Ideal installation height of between 1.8 metres and 2.1 metres
  • Designed for fitting in the corner of a room that is vulnerable
  • Low power indicator of a LED flash when movement is detected
  • Battery powered - included

Yale IA door / window sensor

2 x Door / window sensors

  • Coverage for primary entry and exit routes
  • Fitted using adhesive pads or screws
  • Suitable for doors or windows
  • Low power indicator of a LED flash when the door or window is opened
  • Battery powered - included

Yale IA RFID contactless tags

4 x RFID contactless tags

  • Quick disarm method for the alarm system by swiping across the control panel
  • No passcode needed, ideal for children or temporary users such as carers or workmen
  • Designed to be attached to a key ring

Yale IA Remote Key Fob

1 x Remote key fob

  • Quick arm and disarm method for the alarm system
  • No passcode needed, ideal for children or temporary users such as carers or workmen
  • Emergency mode can be activated if in distress
  • Designed to be attached to a key ring

Key benefits

  • No need for wiring or technical knowledge
  • No engineer or additional installation costs
  • Pre-linked components
  • Your system can be part armed - useful at night if you wish to disarm an upstairs
  • Landline connection to provide alerts

Long range 200 metre sensors

Extended wireless range of 200 metres making it ideal for outbuildings or a garage

Yale IA Intruder Sensors

Mobility check

The mobility check feature can be set to notify you if movement has not been detected for a prolonged period of time whilst the alarm is unarmed. Making it ideal for those who are looking out for elderly relatives that live independently.

Yale IA Intruder Mobility Feature

Yale IA-230 Pet Friendly Wireless Telecommunicating Alarm Kit
  • Traditional telecommunicating landline alarm
  • 200 Metre range on sensors
  • Bright yellow external siren box
  • Mobility feature for elderley and infirm

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Yale IA-230 Intruder Alarm Kit Plus

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£299.00Inc. VAT

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Overall Rating:  10/10

Ease of Use:  10/10

Build Quality:  10/10

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Fiona Swan  —  03/02/2019

Rating:  10/10

Pros: Would recommend, it has some really great features and peace of mind that we do not rely on wi-fi which might get hacked. Easy to install and use, even for me! Some tools and equipment at home needed to secure the siren box but it is far cheaper than buying an installed intruder alarm system.

Cons: Sensors can all add up to be quite expensive but do seem better quality than the old alarm kit we have replaced.

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Are there any kind of situations where the alarm would not work reliably?

David March  —  04/01/2019

Thank you for speaking to our office about this alarm system. It is ideal for homes and small offices however it would not work efficiently in a workshop location. This is down to the sensors sending radio signals which can get interuppted by metallic items or metal frames. In this instance you might wish to opt for a wired solution. Claire Davies
Can I check the location for the sensors I have selected is suitable?

Lory Thornton  —  11/01/2019

You will find in the instruction manual that it is suggested you plan locations for each of the sensors that have been supplied in the first instance. Once you have a location in mind for each sensor including the external siren, you can test the signal strength on the control panel. It is recommended that if the signal strength is 2 or below then another location is chosen. Claire Davies
Can I dial into this alarm to arm if I forget to do it before leaving the house?

Laura Unsworth  —  25/01/2019

To arm the alarm from outside the property you can dial the phone number that has been linked to the control panel. You will need to hang up, wait 5-10 seconds then call again. You will be prompted to enter the PIN code to ensure authenticity. You will then be given different options of how you can arm the system. James Blackburn
Can I purchase additional external sirens for this range?

Lewis Grant  —  27/09/2018

The Yale IA range currently does not have an external siren in the optional extras. We will get in touch with Yale to see if we can offer this to you and come back to you once we have heard more. James Blackburn
Can you add a camera to integrate with the Yale IA kits?

Barney Jerald  —  05/02/2019

Thank you for contacting us in the office about the Yale IA range. As these kits do not have smartphone connectivity there is not a way currently to integrate CCTV. There are a selection of different Yale CCTV kits to choose from, some are wired and there is one that is wireless. James Blackburn
Can you add a SIM card to this alarm so I can receive notifications to my smartphone?

Phil Stirling  —  14/01/2019

Thank you for getting in touch with Simply Safes about the IA Intruder alarm kits by Yale. The whole range all operate using just a landline connection only and are more aimed at the older generation or those that worry about their alarm being hacked through their wi-fi or smartphone app. Brian Pearce
Does the keypad on the main control panel beep when you press it? Or can it be turned down or off?

Leonard Giles  —  01/02/2019

As a default, the control panel is not enabled to beep when buttons are pressed. If this has been turned on, it can be disabled in the menu section of the control panel. There is not a function to turn the noise level down, it can only be turned off or on. Claire Davies
How is the external siren powered on this range?

Trevor Birch  —  21/01/2019

Thank you for getting in touch with our office about the Yale IA Intruder alarm range. The siren box on the IA range is battery powered so you do not need to worry about drilling through an outside wall to get to a power socket. It runs off 4 batteries and has a tamper switch so take care when installing. James Blackburn
How many phone numbers will the alarm call when a sensor is triggered? Is it just one number?

Luke Hobbs  —  11/12/2018

Thank you for contacting the Simply Safes office about this Yale IA alarm. It is possible to add up to 3 telephone numbers into the control panel. It will call each one systematically in order that you enter them upon the alarm being triggered. This can be a neighbour if you are away as an idea. Claire Davies
How many sensors can I set up with the Yale IA range?

Sally Jenkins  —  06/11/2018

Thank you for asking us about the Yale IA alarm range. You are able to add up to 40 accessories to the system. An accessory includes often forgotten about sensors such as the external siren and RFID tags. Claire Davies
How many times will the stored numbers be called?

Howard Carlton  —  13/01/2019

You will need to ensure the control panel has at least one telephone number saved in the memory for the dialling function to work. When this is all set up and a sensor is triggered you will then be called up to 5 times. Claire Davies
I am moving house and am taking this alarm kit with me, is there a way I can reset all the sensors and system so I can start fresh?

Karl Trent  —  16/11/2018

Yes, this is possible to do. In the advanced copy of the instruction manual, you can find more information about this towards the end of the manual. There is a procedure that you need to follow with different keypad sequences required. We suggest you take time to read this over carefully. Claire Davies
I have a long hallway with no power and phone line socket so can I situate the control panel in another location and will the alarm give me time to disarm it?

Mark Caddick  —  17/12/2018

The Yale IA range has a delay period which you can set on the control panel. This is set to a default of 20 seconds but can be increased in 10 second increments up to 70 seconds. This should hopefully give you enough time to open the door and disarm the alarm. Claire Davies
I have seen on other brands of alarms you can add a wireless keypad. Is this possible with this range from Yale?

Graham Harvey  —  28/12/2018

Thank you for contacting us about this Yale IA Intruder alarm kit. It is an optional extra to purchase but it is not currently one that we stock so is available on a longer lead time. Please feel free to call one of our friendly sales team who would be happy to assist you with ordering it. Claire Davies
I notice the ERA alarm range has a flashing LED that comes on periodically to warn any opportunist that the alarm is armed. Does the Yale IA system have this function?

Antony Adams  —  01/02/2019

Thank you for contacting Simply Safes about the Yale IA range. The function you are describing is called Comfort LED and it is switched of by default in the control panel. You can enable this however it will have an effect on battery life of the siren box. It is certainly a nice feature and we would recommend having it enabled if you have the facility to change batteries a bit more regularly. James Blackburn
Is it essential that I connect this alarm to my landline? Can I connect it to the Police?

Keely Smith  —  28/01/2019

Thank you for getting in touch with us at Simply Safes. You do not have to connect this alarm to a landline, it would simply just sound if any of the sensors were triggered. In this instance you would not receive a phone call to let you know it was going off. Sadly it is not possible to connect this range of alarms to the Police systems. Claire Davies
Is there a way of seeing what sensors have been triggered and who has come and gone?

Hannah Tennant  —  26/01/2019

The control panel has the functionality to see the last 30 system events. These include arming, disarming, faults and which sensors have been triggered along with their device name. In the control panel you are able to add your own device names up to 12 characters. Claire Davies
Is this Yale system wireless?

Frank Arthur  —  30/01/2019

Thank you for getting in touch about the Yale IA Intruder alarm range. All sensors are wireless and have an excellent range of 200 metres. You will however need to mount the control panel where you can connect it to a telephone cable and power socket. James Blackburn
My child has pressed two buttons on the key fob, now the alarm will not stop! How can I disarm it?

Matt Donald  —  24/10/2018

Thank you for calling the office to speak to us about this Yale IA alarm. This means the emergency alarm has been triggered on the remote key fob. Once an emergency alarm has been set off the only way to disarm the alarm is by using the main control panel keypad with a PIN code. James Blackburn
My siren box is not sounding when the alarm is triggered, why is this?

Kristi Redmund  —  09/01/2019

There could be several reasons for this. Here are a few suggestions of things that you could try to remedy the problem. It might be as simple as needing to press the siren to the on the position under the cover. Alternatively, it might be that the siren is not located in a suitable position to reach the control panel. It may also be that the batteries are exhausted and need to be replaced. If you require any further assistance there is a telephone number in the instruction manual for Yale support. Claire Davies
The additional sensors on this range seem a lot more expensive than a lot of other alarm brands, why is this?

Robin Field  —  18/01/2019

Thank you for contacting Simply Safes about the Yale IA-230 Intruder alarm kit. We have been asked several times about this and the main reason is that the range of the sensors is 4 times longer than any of the competitors. There is however a saving if you purchase the sensors in bundles. Please feel free to speak to one of our friendly sales team who will be able to arrange a competitve price for all your requirements. Claire Davies
The control panel is beeping when my landline phone rings which is a little off-putting, why is this?

Milly Ethan  —  06/10/2018

This is a feature which can be enabled or disabled on the control panel. As standard it is set to disabled, it might perhaps have been changed during the set up process at some point. Please see the instruction manual on how to disable this. Claire Davies
What happens if there is a power failure with this alarm? Will it mean I am not contacted in the event of a break in?

Dean Taylor  —  23/11/2018

Thank you for getting in touch with Simply Safes. Inside the control panel there is an internal battery, this will cut in should you experience a power failure. This is why the traditional style telecommunicating alarm is still popular because your landline is less likely to be affected than perhaps your internet connection. James Blackburn
Will I be warned of low batteries in the sensors on this Yale alarm?

John Alden  —  06/11/2018

Thank you for speaking with us in the office about this Yale IA alarm product. The control panel will advise you of any sensors that do have low batteries. The only exception to this is the external siren box. You will notice that there are several audible pips and flashes on the alarm box when the batteries are starting to get low. James Blackburn

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