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Vehicle Security

Protecting our vehicles despite added security from modern alarms is still important today. Vehicle security comes in a variety of forms, which include wheel clamps, security parking posts and tow hitch locks. 

As vehicle alarms get more sophisticated, thieves are also using alternative methods to steal cars and vans, read our article on phantom car crime for more information. This means that consideration should be given to more traditional types of securing your vehicles such as wheel clamps or security posts. During 2014 around 6,000 vehicles both cars and vans were stolen across London, all without the owners keys so despite a drop in vehicle crime overall thefts do still occur.

Quite often vehicle crime will occur when belongings have been left on view such as a sat nav or a removable stereo, these can prove very tempting to thieves particularly when a car or van is parked under cover and or away from view. We recommend ensuring all items are removed from your vehicle, even tools, which can be a nuisance to keep removing each time you park however it will mean you can get to that urgent job in the knowledge you have all your tools intact.

Vehicle security covers not only cars and vans but also motorbikes and there are various preventative tips which can help keep your motorbike safe and these include:

  • If you are leaving your bike for an extended period of time, ensure it is locked to a secure fixed point such as a ground anchor
  • Always remember to set your alarm if one is fitted
  • Consider using a wheel clamp specifically designed for a motorbike
  • Have a considered approach to where you park – choose a location which is not hidden from view, has CCTV coverage and good lighting

Crime relating to vehicles has consistently dropped over the past decade however statistics show that this is starting to bottom out which suggests that manufacturers have been able to do as much as possible to help us prevent theft. Now it is down to us to ensure not only our property inside our vehicles is secure but also to ensure we do not take undue risks about where we might leave them overnight or even during the day.

Vehicle security should also extend to where we store our keys and spare keys as more and more crime is being reported where doors are left open during the day often while going up stairs and with the keys left on a worktop your car or van can be gone in a flash. If a thief can see keys hanging up from a downstairs window the likely hood is they will break into your home not to steal any belongings but your vehicle. We recommend a secure key cabinet hidden from view or a home safe is used to store all spare keys including those for your house and vehicles.

Wheel Clamps

Wheel Clamps

Keep vehicles secure with a wheel clamp

Tow Bar Hitch Locks

Hitch Locks

Wide range of Bulldog hitch locks

Security Parking Posts

Security Parking Posts

Secure your car or van with a parking post

Car Vehicle Safes

Car Vehicle Safes

Secure your valuables in your vehicle

Best Sellers

Bulldog AJ10 Mini Hitch Lock

Use With: Al-Ko 3004 & 2004 Stabiliser hitch heads & Al-Ko AKS1300, AK160 & AK300 hitches
Weight: 2.9 kg

Sentinel SS-4 Fold Down Security Post

Sentinel SS-4 Fold Down Post

£108.00Inc. VAT

Action: Folding
External: 70(W) x 720(H) x 70(D) mm

Autolok KCP Removable Parking Post

Action: Folding, Removable
External: 50(W) x 730(H) x 50(D) mm

Bulldog QD13 Caravan Wheel Clamp

Bulldog QD13 Caravan Wheel Clamp

£154.80Inc. VAT

- 1 review

Use With: Caravans & Trailers (steel wheels)
Tyre Diameter : R12 (304mm) & R13 (330mm)

Bulldog EM500SS Euro Clamp

Bulldog EM500SS Euro Clamp

£94.80Inc. VAT

Use With: Motorcycles, Cars, Caravans & Trailers
Max Tyre Height: 180

Autolok KTARP Anti Ram Raid Telescopic Security Post

Autolok KTARP Anti Ram Post

£144.00Inc. VAT

Action: Telescopic
External: 100(W) x 1280(H) x 100(D) mm

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