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Floor safes are designed to be installed into concrete and thus make them hidden from view. Often we find customers prefer a floor safe because of the ability to hide them easier than a free standing product. If you require installation of any underfloor safe models from this range, we can arrange this for you - please call us for a quote today. We recommend purchasing a re-inforcment kit with Burton models as this will provide added protection around the neck of the safe which is the most likely attack point for a thief.

Floor safe models are also known as an underfloor safe and some models have a deposit facility meaning you can deposit small items such as coins or small pieces of jewellery without having to open the safe. We offer a variety of neck shapes on our underfloor safes range, these are either a square shape or circular, depending on what you wish to store it is worth considering what shape would suit your requirements best.

To clarify the benefits of a floorsafe are:

  • You can easily conceal them for added peace of mind
  • As standard come fitted with a key lock with some models able to upgrade to electronic or combination
  • Different levels of security available depending on your needs
  • Option to concrete fill between the floorboards with a floorboard safe
  • You can also fit a floorboard safe between the joists and screw it in
  • An underfloor safe can be purchased with a drop slot for depositing small items of jewellery or cash using capsules

As standard floorsafe models come with a key locking mechanism, however you can upgrade this to either a mechanical combination lock or an electronic lock if required on certain models, please contact one of our friendly sales advisors for more information.

We would strongly recommend that you have a floor safe installed by a professional builder or we can also arrange it for you if required.

DID YOU KNOW? To install a floor safe you will need a special mix of concrete and also you will need approximately double the width and depth of the safe in size to install it properly. Manufacturers fitting instructions will be provided with all floor safes.

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Securikey DIY Strongbox Floorboard Safe

Securikey DIY Strongbox Floorboard Safe

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Securikey DIY Strongbox Floorboard Safe

Locking: Key
External: 400(W) x 130(H) x 235(D) mm
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