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Search our website for products by size!

Search by Size

Use our search by size tool to help you find the product which suits your specific space.

You can choose to search our whole website or just an individual section - we know this will make it even easier to be able to find the right product.

Category - Choose which section of our website you wish to confine search results to.
For example you may be looking for a key cabinet, if so select our key cabinets category.

Dimensions - Select whether you want to search on external or internal dimensions.

Units - Choose to search using millimetres or inches.

Measurement - Choose the dimension which is most important to you and search on this.

If your dimension is flexible we have added a filter option of a percentage tolerance. This will provide you results which are within a percentage of the size
you are searching on.

Eg. If for example you enter 300mm and enter a 10% tolerance then you will get a list of products within 30mm of the dimension you searched on.
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