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Wireless Burglar Alarm Kits

Burglar alarms are a popular item of security along with other types such as a safe or CCTV. Having a burglar alarm gives you that peace of mind and there are many accessories, which can be purchased alongside your alarm to make it fit your home, apartment or business. Modern day alarms of a higher specification will notify you on your smart phone if any of the sensors are triggered.

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Wireless Burglar Alarm Kits

Our range of wireless burglar alarm uk from ERA include four different kits which offer a good starting point for you to then add additional sensors to suit your needs. The entry level model is the ERA Valiant and this does not require any mains power and comes with a pet friendly PIR and a door/window sensor. This kit also has a solar powered siren that is fitted externally and up to 40 additional sensors can be added overall.

Other kits are the ERA Garrison and ERA Vault, both these kits have an internal siren built into the keypad. These kits are mains powered but feature a battery back up and can be controlled by the keypad, key fob, SMS, telephone or via the smart phone app. To set up these kits you can do this via an app or also by SMS. An ideal accessory to add to this is an external replica siren box and or a siren box to act as a visual deterrent to any opportunist thief. An additional 50 sensors can be added. Alerts are sent via a SIM card (not supplied) which is built into the key pad alarm box.

The highest specification kit from ERA is the Invincible, this is similar to the Garrison and Vault but does offer some valuable additional features. The main additional features are that you can program the alarm from the keypad and that it can connect to your landline to provide alerts.

Of all the many accessories that are available a HD IP camera is one of the most popular, it provides 720p HD video quality and also has ‘two way’ audio with a built-in microphone and speaker. The camera records to an SD card (not supplied) and will carry up to a 32gb capacity. As it records to a memory card it has the added benefit of not having to pay a subscription on a monthly basis.

Other popular accessories include a window / door sensor, smoke detector, pet friendly PIR and a water detector. All these sensors can be fitted easily and added to your system either at the time when you install it or even a later date if you decide that you need additional peace of mind with extra sensors.

All the burglar alarm kits we list are wireless systems with the range of the accessories being between 80 and 100 metres, this makes it ideal for a diy burglar alarms installation with no need to drill through walls. This avoids any unnecessary worry of drilling into electrical cables or pipes. If you will be using the systems over larger ranges than this then we would consider you purchase the optional range extender. As they are wireless it means you can install them in a quick amount of time and no need to hide wires in a wall or have to clip them to the interior decor or remove floorboards!

If you live in an apartment you will need to consider a system that has an internal siren as you are not allowed to fit an external siren, an ideal alarm kit for a flat is the ERA Garrison or Vault as these models feature a loud internal siren.

We offer free delivery to the UK mainland for the whole range and as an additional benefit some insurance companies will offer you a discount on your premium but you will need to ensure it is armed at all times when you are out and even at night when you are at home and have gone to bed.

You may choose to go for a professional installed system and if this is the route to decide we recommend that you get three quotes from regulated alarm companies so that you can get a overall fair price comparison. Also ensure that the company you choose is part of an approved body such as the NSI or SSAIB. Should you require Police monitoring your alarm will also have to be a particular grade and cost considerably more than DIY alarms.

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