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CCTV systems or CCTV kits are an ideal security solution for keeping an eye on your home or office. Some cameras are suited for outdoor use and others for indoor use only. Also there are models which are wired and also wireless with benefits for both. Depending on your budget there are 720p and 1080p options, where possible we recommend the 1080p resolution as this will give you greater clarity on the images that are recorded.

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CCTV Systems and Kits

Having CCTV means the system can be set up to provide notifications to your smartphone or tablet and also means in some cases that when the cameras are triggered it can record to a hard drive meaning you can also look back at historic images. Some have the capacity to store a weeks worth of recordings while others can store up to 30 days of continuous recordings so you can also be protected while on holiday for example.

With the advancement of technology it has increased the quality of the recordings at night which is not always when burglaries occur but it used to be that cameras struggled to provide a clear enough picture to identify the criminal.

To view the footage that is recorded this can be done through your TV with a HDMI port or by using a PC monitor via the VGA port. If you want to extend your system it can be done by purchasing additional cameras, some systems have limitations over how cameras can be added so please call us to discuss your options for future proofing. Additional cabling is also available to buy if you need to get to a further distance than normal.

If you have a larger office or home that needs a CCTV kit then there is a system which has 16 channels and so therefore supports the use of 16 camera’s. The more popular systems or kits are an eight channel 4 camera or 4 channel 2 camera model. Both these kits can be expanded by adding 4 and 2 camera’s respectively which gives you flexibility for growing the system if you so wish.

Most models are installed and fixed in a single direction however there are a few models available that have a pan tilt and zoom function or PTZ and these types of camera’s can be controlled by your tablet or smartphone.

Statistics show that a burglar will not tend to attempt a burglary at a property or building which has security and we recommend that you use signs and stickers which usually are supplied with the kits to pre-warn!

If you would like to discuss choosing your CCTV kit further please feel free to contact one of friendly sales advisors who will be able to assist you with your purchase.

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