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Simply Safes Showroom

Arregui Touch Screen Home Safe

Simply Safes understands that it is sometimes difficult to appreciate the size of a safe without physically seeing it and that customers may wish to get advice face to face rather than on the end of a telephone. As a result we have created a safe showroom at our offices in Sittingbourne, Kent which showcases the Arregui safes range and a selection from other top security suppliers.

The Arregui range of safes offer superb value and we are proud to show them for the local community of Rochester, Kent and surrounding areas and of course those who are further afield. Arregui safes are primarily designed for use in the home and offer superb value. You will also find the Ignum fire safe that offers up to 60 minute fire protection for paper which has been designed for office use.

We welcome customers to come and see the Arregui product range or to just ask advice on purchasing a safe but do ask that you ring before to make an appointment, especially if you are going to be making a long or special journey to see a particular safe. This helps you avoid disappointment!

Home Safes

Do you ever stop and think about how secure your valuable documents such as passport or driving license are at home from a burglar attack when you leave to go to work or holiday? Your answer would probably be No, we would suggest. Usually a safe for the home is purchased as a result of this unfortunate occurrence happening.

Home safes offer you peace of mind and are a worthwhile investment in the long term, especially with identity theft on the rise. Prevent yourself from being another statistic and protect your personal details, vital documents and valuables from falling into the wrong hands today.

Home Safes Check List

Do I need to check with my insurance company before purchasing a safe?

Yes, they may require a higher security safe depending on the items you wish to store.

Does the safe need bolting down?

Yes, all safes need to be bolted down to in accordance with the manufacturers instructions in order for the ratings to apply.

Could the cost of my house insurance go down with a safe?

Yes, the price of your policy may reduce.

Do home safes also protect against fire?

Yes, look at the Fireproof safes section.