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Fire Safes

Fire safes are an important investment for the household. They are an important purchase because of the personal things we keep in our home such as passports, deeds, birth certificates, marriage certificates to name but a few. Some fire safe models are very heavy due to the level of protection required and we recommend where possible situating them on the ground floor and ensuring it is bolted down. 

Fire resistant safes are designed to protect different items and this is because paper and computer data tapes get damaged at different temperatures. Ensure you are protecting items with the right type of fire resistant safe and remember that computer tapes such as LTO or DAT tapes get damaged by fire at a much lower threshold than other items such as paper.

The benefits of a firesafe include:

  • All documents such as passports and title deeds are stored in the same place and easy to find
  • Different choice of fire ratings available
  • Choice of fire protection and models with a higher level of security
  • Choice of locking options with electronic lock being the widest to choose from
  • Good tip is to gather together items you want to store to see how big a firesafe you need
  • Having a fire resistant safe gives you the peace of mind that in the event of a fire your items are protected

Protecting images and videos from damage could not be simpler than purchasing a fire safe from our digital media storage range - you might think why do I need to do this when it is stored in the cloud, but who backs up the cloud? This will give you peace of mind that in the event of a fire, important documents will be protected.

There are a variety of different locking options with the most popular being electronic. If you are not sure which fire safes model would suit your needs, please call and speak to one of friendly sales team today for assistance with choosing a fire safe that is right for you.

DID YOU KNOW? With the world changing all the time, what we need to protect changes as well. With this in mind manufacturers have started to make models which offer are fireproof and offer a good level of security. Get your valuables protected today, all fire resistant safes include free UK delivery with Simply Safes.

Fire Safes for Paper

Fire Resistant Safes for Paper

Protection for vital paper documents.

Fire Safes for Magnetic Media

Magnetic Media Safes

Protect important media and data from damage with these models.

Fire Cupboards for Paper

Fireproof Cupboards for Paper

For storing large quantities of paper.

Best Sellers

Burton Firesec 4/60 Size 1K

Burton Firesec 4/60 Size 1K

£393.60Inc. VAT

- 1 review

Fire Resistance: 60 Minutes

Burton Firebrand XL Size 1

Burton Firebrand XL Size 1

£800.40Inc. VAT

- 1 review

Fire Resistance: 60 Minutes

Phoenix Titan FS1282E Fire Safe

Phoenix Titan FS1282E

£228.00Inc. VAT

Fire Resistance: 60 Minutes

Phoenix Fire Fighter FS0441K Safe

Fire Resistance: 90 Minutes

Sentry Big Bolts SFW082GTC

Sentry Big Bolts Fireproof Safe - SFW082GTC

£238.80Inc. VAT

- 1 review

Fire Resistance: 60 Minutes

Sentry CHW20101 Waterproof Fire Chest

Fire Resistance: 30 Minutes
External: 391(W) x 168(H) x 363(D) mm