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Eurograde Safes

When selecting a cash or money safe you need to ensure that the right rating is selected for the amount of cash that needs to be secured inside. We have a wide variety of security levels available depending on your requirements and there is also an extensive choice of different locking options to suit. 

Our eurograde safes start at a rating of £6,000 cash for overnight storage and go up to £250,0000 in cash, these range from eurograde 0 to eurograde 7. The highest rating is normally used in a commercial environment or for homes that might need a maximum security.

As standard, cash safes and money safes uk come fitted with a high security double bitted key lock, eurograde 4 and above you will find there are two locks fitted so that the safe reaches the correct security level. If you do not want to have a key to keep hold off then most safes will either be listed with an electronic lock as an option or there will be a model listed with a picture showing the electronic keypad on.

We also have different electronic keypads to suit your budget and feature set, for example if you need to remotely connect to the lock via a LAN we can arrange this. In addition if you need just a simple lock with 1-9 users then we can also have this type of lock fitted. If you are a home user and want to connect your safe to your alarm system this can also be arranged, the type of electronic lock you will need must have a duress function to be suitable.

If you have a tight space that you need the safe to fit into please ensure you take into account the handle and external hinges that might be on the safe, on some models the handle can be changed to suit, if this is the case please call one of our friendly sales advisors for more details.

Some models from our cash and money safe uk range include a professional installation, the prices shown include a ground floor bolt down or to an upper floor if via a suitable lift. We can install to an upper floor via stairs for an additional cost and this will be dependant on the weight of the safe.

Best Sellers

Securikey Eurograde 0 - 015K

Securikey 015K - Eurograde 0 Safe

£564.00Inc. VAT

- 4 reviews

Locking: Key
Volume: 17 litres

Burton Eurovault Aver Grade 1 Size 1K

Burton Eurovault Aver Grade 1 Size 1K

£705.60Inc. VAT

- 5 reviews

Locking: Key
Volume: 26 litres

Burton Firesec 10/60 Size 1K

Burton Firesec 10/60 Size 1K

£822.00Inc. VAT

Fire Resistance: 60 Minutes

Burg Wachter Diplomat MTD 35E

Burg Wachter Diplomat MTD 35E

£1,354.80Inc. VAT

Fire Resistance: 60 Minutes

Chubbsafes ProGuard Safe 110K - Grade 2

Locking: Key
Volume: 114 litres

Phoenix Elara HS3554E

Fire Resistance: 30 Minutes