Safes are an often forgotten item for home or the office, in most cases we find the reason why customers purchase is because of a recent spate of burglaries or as a result of an insurance company making it a requirement. There are a variety of different security ratings available and either key or electronic locks to gain access to the contents. 

There are a myriad of different models to choose from and quite often customers like to short list a selection of models to then discuss with our sales team. We also often get asked for alternatives based on a certain budget or by extending it slightly to see if this buys a better level of protection.

As a company that started off selling safes, we have expanded into other areas of security such as alarms, CCTV and smart door locks. It is our recommendation that you have a mixture of these items to protect your home or office, having one or a few items might give you peace of mind for sure. However should a break in occur, it does not fully protect your cash or valuables against theft. An alarm alongside a safe will give you better all round protection as a thief will not want to be a property for very long with a noisy siren going off but would try to grab certain items that are too hand.

As a rough guideline to the different levels of security available safes start with a cash rating of £1,000, these models are entry level and offer basic protection. The valuables rating is a multiple of 10 so for a basic model this would be £10,000 for contents of value such as jewellery, watches or computers. For the home we recommend as a minimum you look at a model with a £4,000 cash rating, the reason for this is they offer better value than a £2,000 or £3,000 rated model.

Entry level models are usually constructed from a single skin of steel and as you step up to different levels of security there is an inside and outside steel wall that has a special fill in between.

Our customers range from the everyday home user to high end contractors that have very specific requirements, please call one of our friendly sales advisors if you have a need that is not catered for directly on our website.

Some customers want to have a mixture of security and fire protection and there are various models to suit this. If you want to protect documents or data from fire you will need a specific safe designed for this. Particularly if you want to protect computer tapes with vital data, these models have very thick walls and are often much heavier than you think.

Delivery is straightforward when an item is lightweight and can be delivered by a courier overnight. If you have require a specific date for delivery we can often achieve this, for more information please contact one of friendly sales team.

There is literally thousands of models to choose from and the choice can be narrowed using the different product categories on our menu and our user friendly filter system which includes an option to choose by price.

Best Sellers
  • Chubbsafes Home Safe 35E Chubbsafes Home Safe 35E
  • £375.00


    - 1 review

  • Digital keypad entry

    • £4000 Cash rated
    • 30 Minutes fire protection
  • Burg Wachter Combi Line CL10S Burg Wachter Combi Line CL10S
  • £229.00


  • £4,000 Rated with a key lock

    • Tested for 30 minutes fire protection
    • Superb build quality

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