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Laptop Trolleys

Laptop trolleys have become an essential piece of school equipment, we have found that schools need a place to store and charge their laptop computers ready for use in the classroom.

Laptops trolleys allow teachers to be able to wheel their computers from a secure room to the classroom for distribution to pupils knowing that they will have been charged ready for use.

With the increase in popularity of the iPad, more schools and colleges are beginning to have these tablets for use in class. We are also able to offer tablet trolleys suitable for iPad’s, again you can charge the tablet computers ready for use and wheel them to where they need to be distributed.

DID YOU KNOW? Laptop trolleys are a theft deterrent only and we always recommend that the trolleys are stored in a secure locked room overnight when not in use. Some of the trolleys can be secured to a wall using a security bracket and padlock if required.

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