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Laptop Safes from Arregui Safes

Now we are in a digital age, having a laptop safe should be an essential for home as well as office. Particularly as more and more people now own tablet computers as well. Ensure you keep them safe and your data in one of our laptop safes.

The models in this range are an ideal place to securely store your laptop or tablet computer and keep it away from opportunist burglars, the theft of laptops and tablets has increased as thieves can obtain personal data from these devices incredibly easily. Sometimes this can result in significant losses from identity fraud.

Having a laptop safe in your home or office means you can also store other items such as important documents and passports, this keeps not only your valuables secure but more importantly your personal or business data. Data is incredibly valuable and so you should always ensure it is protected.

Can you imagine losing all your music, photos and videos? We know some people back up all of these items either in the cloud or to CD but not all people do and who backs up the cloud. Do not leave it to chance and purchase a laptop safe today.

DID YOU KNOW? Laptop safes vary in size, we recommend measuring the width of your laptop and then checking with us if it will fit. The door opening size might mean you are not able to get the laptop into the safe even though the internal dimensions are big enough. If you want to store other items on top of your laptop we recommend purchasing a piece of thick foam to protect the top of the laptop, this then acts as a shelf.

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Laptop Safes from Arregui - T-35EB - ideal for tablets or netbooks

Laptop Safes from Arregui - T-35EB - ideal for tablets or netbooks

£90.00Inc. VAT

- 6 reviews

Arregui T-35EB Laptop Safe

Locking: Electronic
External: 430(W) x 200(H) x 350(D) mm

Our Customer Said:
"Sturdy, supplied with good fixing bolts. Electronic locking mechanism is easy to use and set up. (Nick Speller)"

Found: 1 products