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As the famous saying goes “an Englishmen’s home is his castle” we in the UK like to have a good sense of home security and this means going to several different lengths. Most homes will have some form of alarm system or CCTV kits, perhaps even both. 

Statistics do show that having an alarm fitted to your home will increase the value of it and in some cases it can be as much as £5,000 as a rough guide. Which shows that despite crime rates falling the general public love the peace of mind that an alarm brings. You will also find that having an alarm can reduce your insurance policy cost meaning home security can actually have many beneficial factors.

CCTV has also become a popular go to item of security to give that added peace of mind. There are many different suppliers of CCTV kits, one of the most popular types are a 2 camera system that records to a hard drive using HD technology for clearer images. Many companies that manufacture alarms now also link CCTV cameras into the system to give a more rounded solution for the consumer. Again this type of security acts as an excellent deterrent to burglars.

These types of security are very popular, however this does not prevent a burglar from taking a chance in an attempt that they can grab any valuables such as jewellery or car keys and be gone before the Police have attended. The Police have to respond to a 999 call within 15 minutes and with most burglars only remaining usually for an average of 8 minutes you can see that the window of opportunity is reasonably small. In addition to an alarm and or CCTV we recommend you also consider a safe to protect valuables, cash and keys. This will provide an all round higher level of security for your home and give you that greater added peace of mind.

Other ways to improve security include smart door locks which again can integrate with an alarm in certain cases as well as smart plugs which allow you to switch on lights or turn on music at random times to give the impression that someone is home. Smart locks also mean that you no longer need a key to gain access to your home with various methods of entry including the use of your smart phone as an example. This gives the added bonus of never losing your keys or searching in your pockets when it is dark to get into your property. Upgrading existing key locking doors with higher security locks is also an option and something which you might need a member of the Master Locksmith Association to fit it for you. For added security you might want to consider a lock that has restricted keys so that it can not be copied easily.

Another option which is relatively simple and cheap to install are security lights, these also act as a deterrent to an opportunist burglar however can sometimes provide cover for a thief if not installed in a suitable direction as it might hinder direct vision of being able to see if a light is pointed incorrectly. Also consider that most burglaries occur during daylight hours so having a security light has a limited approach.

Example home security alarm CCTV - home security solution

Whilst these items of security will give you greater protection, our top tips include the following:

  • Ensure all windows and doors are locked – regardless of if you are in your house or not
  • Never leave items of value in close proximity to a window – this might prove to tempting for a thief
  • Always ensure you remember to set an alarm when you leave – in some cases an alarm is not set rendering it useless in preventing crime.
  • Keep tools locked away in a secure shed – some recent crimes suggest available tools have been used to gain access to a property.
  • Never leave ladders out as those pose a security risk for gaining access
  • Securing vehicles at home is something that you should not forget about, we have a dedicated section to cover this ranging from wheel clamps to security parking posts. Keep in mind that wherever you live be it an apartment or family house, home security should be at the forefront of your thoughts so that you are not left a victim of crime.

    Garden crime is also on the rise with high ticket items such as bikes or expensive garden furniture being stolen from out buildings or garden sheds. Ensure these sorts of items are also secure so it does not spoil your enjoyment of the summer or getting exercise.

    Cat and dog flaps can also reduce your level of home security as more often than not keys are left in close proximity meaning that a potential thief can fish the keys to gain access without making any noise and raising the alarm. Dog flaps are a greater risk as some can fit a small child through and you may not be covered under your insurance policy.

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