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High Security Safes from Burg Wachter

Choose from our wide range of high security safes that come in a variety of different sizes and also with different locking options. All the models you see in this section offer a higher level of protection for cash or valuables. The models shown start from eurograde 2 and these safes have a cash rating of £17,500 or £175,000 for valuables such as jewellery and go up to eurograde 7.

Rest assured if you need a high security safe we have a model which will suit your requirements backed up with the knowledge and service you expect. There is a choice of locks available with a choice from key locking or a wide choice of electronic locks with different features. You may notice that the models you see in this section are much heavier than standard medium security models and other can provides challenges to deliver. Call and speak to one of our friendly sales team who will be able to discuss your options further. It is worth noting that anything weighing over a 1000kg does not need to be fixed and in certain circumstances we have heard that insurance brokers have relaxed this to slightly less however you would need to confirm this to ensure you are covered and recommend that you get it in writing.

The benefits of choosing a model from this section include the following:

  • All models have been tested for a longer period of attack time.
  • They are approved for insurance use when fixed down.
  • Available with key or electronic locking options to suit.
  • Choice of cash or valuables rating to comply with insurance.
  • Added features such as drill protection or glass relockers - see each product for more details.
  • Thicker walls and doors for increased peace of mind.
  • Connectivity possible to an alarm system.

Despite the weight of the models from our high security safe section you will need to ensure they are secured, some of the products include professional installation as standard and if not this is available for an additional cost if you need us to arrange it for you. You will find most products in this range have fixing points in the base and only some have a rear fixing point. We recommend you check the space you intend to place the safe based on the surface to fix it too. If you require further advice on fixing please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly sales team.

There are differing levels of grades to ensure you have the correct cover and safes are rated for cash with the contents rating for jewellery a multiple of 10, so for example if you were asked by your broker to get a safe to cover you for £350,000 in valuables then you would need a eurograde 3 with a £35,000 cash rating. Products in this category start with grade 2 and go up to grade 7 with some grades providing fire protection as well as security.

We recommend when purchasing this type of product you ensure the size is given due consideration, it is often the case that customers will select a small sized model which allows for a small amount of items but then wish they had gone slightly larger to accommodate extra items that need to also be kept secure. Sometimes it can be beneficial to collect all items to be stored into a box and measure it to see what space you need internally.

We appreciate there is an extensive selection to choose from so if you would like assistance speak to our advisors who will be able to help you cut through all the jargon with impartial advice.

Example door profile Different sized examples

Other top tips to help you choose include the number of shelves supplied, these are often handy for helping you to organise the contents to suit your needs and help you make the most of the space available. Some products include a lockable compartment as standard these are really useful for keeping items separate from the main part of the safe. If you require additional shelves or a locking compartment is not included these can be purchased as an extra.

If you require an electronic lock there is a wide variety of options with differing features that include multiple users, audit trails and time delay, it is not possible to include all this detail on our website so if you have a specific need feel free to speak with us. For the ultimate protection you may wish to consider a lock that connects to your alarm system, in the event of being held up you can enter a duress code which can alert the Police. Another option is to consider a fingerprint lock which uses advanced technology.

Should you plan to situate the safe in a cupboard and you have limited depth some of our ranges can have slimmer handles fitted to ensure you get the largest size possible. If required we can also customise with different paint finishes and a flock lined interior to protect valuables from damage while they are stored.

Free UK delivery is included on all our high security safes and we can usually arrange a delivery date in advance with you that is amicable and will ensure it is carried out as smoothly as possible.

Insurance Rating
Internal Fittings
Fixing Point
Fire Protection
Locking Type
Found: 4 products

AiS Approved SafeBurg Wachter OfficeDoku 121S

AiS Approved SafeBurg Wachter OfficeDoku 121S

£2,610.00Inc. VAT

Burg Wachter Office Doku 121S

Fire Resistance: 60 Minutes
External: 641(W) x 626(H) x 555(D) mm

AiS Approved SafeBurg Wachter OfficeDoku 121E

AiS Approved SafeBurg Wachter OfficeDoku 121E

£2,820.00Inc. VAT

Burg Wachter OfficeDoku 121E

Fire Resistance: 60 Minutes
External: 641(W) x 626(H) x 555(D) mm

AiS Approved SafeBurg Wachter OfficeDoku 124S

AiS Approved SafeBurg Wachter OfficeDoku 124S

£3,598.80Inc. VAT

Burg Wachter OfficeDoku 124S

Fire Resistance: 60 Minutes
External: 641(W) x 1096(H) x 555(D) mm

AiS Approved SafeBurg Wachter OfficeDoku 124E

AiS Approved SafeBurg Wachter OfficeDoku 124E

£3,780.00Inc. VAT

Burg Wachter OfficeDoku 124E

Fire Resistance: 60 Minutes
External: 641(W) x 1096(H) x 555(D) mm
Found: 4 products