Home Safe or Home Security - How Best to Protect

CCTV is one of the most popular items of security that customers use to help protect and give peace of mind to their home or business.

We have put together this handy buying guide to help guide you the pros and cons of both security products to help you make an informed decision.

Your budget may in most cases dictate your choice, however, it is possible to be able to purchase both items to give you greater protection and peace of mind.

Why bother with a safe? When CCTV will see the burglars coming.

CCTV might very well see burglars coming down your drive or entering your property however it may be at a time when you are away on holiday, out of reach of your property through work or simply down the road at the shops.

You can provide footage to the Police to help them track down the burglar, this however by no means guarantees any items taken will be returned. You might think that you do not have any items of real value. We at Simply Safes, have often heard this statement. Perhaps what people do not consider in this instance, is items of sentimental value that can not be replaced such as jewellery that has been passed down from previous generations of the family.

Purchasing a safe will buy you time to prevent any items being stored inside being taken by an opportunist burglar. On average a burglar will remain inside your property for around 8 minutes although this might be longer if you are in a countryside location.

Home Security Safe

Is a safe or CCTV difficult to install?

This will ultimately depend what type of safe or CCTV you choose, models designed for the DIY market are relatively straightforward for the competent DIY enthusiast.

Safes, in most cases are provided with fixing bolts suitable for concrete, please see our handy buying guide for more information on this. CCTV kits will also come supplied with the relevant cables and fixings to ensure you can get up and running as quickly as possible.

CCTV is perhaps slightly more involved and as they have a smartphone app have a few more steps to be live but rest assured there is technical support on hand to walk you through any issues in the set up.

Will I need a monitor for the CCTV for viewing?

All our CCTV products have the ability to remote view footage through a smartphone app so the need for a monitor to view your CCTV footage is not essential.

Here at Simply Safes, we recommend the use of a monitor for business use, as it gives you a quick and easy glance at what is being monitored.

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