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Choosing a Fire Proof Filing Cabinet

Fireproof filing cabinets are constructed in a similar way to a fire safe and are tested in the same way to determine the level of protection.

There are two types of cabinets to choose from, vertical fire files and lateral fire files. Vertical cabinets are the most popular but do not always suit a customers needs. Lateral cabinets are most suited to a business that is storing different sized files.

What length of fire protection do you need?

As with fire safes, fire filing cabinets are tested for different periods of time in a furnace and by different testing companies. Smaller fire chests offer 30 minutes protection for paper documents but these offer only limited storage space. These are more suited for domestic use but can be used where documents need to be transported yet be protected from fire.

Fire filing cabinets are known as fire files in the safe industry and there are products with a 60 minutes, 90 minutes and 120 minutes rating, with a differing number of drawers. The length of fire protection that you need might be influenced by many things such as the types of documents being stored, your geographical location versus fire service and legal requirements.

Our recommendation is to always get a model with longest number of minutes protection that your money can buy, so it gives you peace of mind your documents are protected.

Phoenix Safe Fire Proof Filing Cabinet with fingerprint lock

I also need to protect computer data, will the cabinets protect data tapes?

There is an option to purchase a data insert with selected manufacturers, this is where an insert is placed into one of the drawers or more if required. The insert has additional fire protection to keep a small amount of data tapes also protected from fire.

Phoenix Safe and De Raat Security are the current manufacturers that these are available from.

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