Can Safes Be Waterproof?

Standard safes are not waterproof, even though some models have what look like seals around the doors.

Having a waterproof safe, is far more common place in environments that experience extreme weather conditions. The USA or Japan are such countries. However, the UK has experienced an increase wet weather and flooding over the recent years.

Are all safes waterproof?

Not all safes are waterproof and only selected models from Sentry Safe and Masterlock. These models also feature fire protection, however they do not achieve a high cash rating as they are not tested for security. This means your extra security you’re looking for is compromised for water proofing.

Fireproof Home Safe

Can you make a safe waterproof for me?

Some fire safes come with a seal around the door particularly if they have fire protection. This helps to seal the door in the event of a fire or flooding, this does not mean it will also be waterproof. No safe can be made 100% waterproof. If you have a specific requirement for one then we suggest you look at the Masterlock and Sentry Safe ranges.

How does the waterproofing work?

All models that are waterproof or water resistance from the Sentry Safe and Masterlock ranges have a closed-cell foam gasket. When you close the door it creates a pressure that makes a barrier to the water. This has been tested and is proven over time to give you peace of mind that items are protected.

Is a fireproof safe and waterproof safe the same thing?

Yes. The range of Sentry Safe and Masterlock models that are waterproof will also be fireproof for either 60 minutes or 120 minutes. Your insurance may request fire protection over other security to it is always checking this if you are a business. So as not to compromise the water protection, you may need to chemically fix the safe. Please call us for further information on this.

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