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Gun Cabinets from Burton Safes

Our extensive range of gun cabinet models come in a variety of sizes and different gun capacities are also available. Gun cabinets are essential if you keep guns and our range are Police Approved. To comply with the guidelines you might be required to purchase a separate safe to store ammunition in.

Our models offer security to keep shotguns and rifles locked away, if you have precious guns we recommend you consider a gun safe as they provide higher level of protection. Gun cabinets are available in various locking mechanisms - key lock is the most popular and most gun cabinets will be dual key locking. Gun cabinet models with electronic locks are also available.

Any item purchased will need to be fixed to a solid surface to ensure you meet guidelines for firearms and not sited in full view of a window to ensure passers-by are not alerted to the presence of guns being stored. Depending on the type of surface you are fixing too will influence the type of bolt you will need, some models are provided with bolts for concrete. Please check with your local fire arms officer for full details of fixing and siting your gun cabinet.

Example of a lock Typical interior of a cabinet

We offer free UK mainland delivery on all the products in this section with some being available of next working day while other heavier models we include a deliver and position service. If your requirement is urgent please do not hesitate to contact one of our sales team.

Gun Capacity
Gun Type
Fixing Point
Locking Type
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Burton Scout S5 Gun Safe

Burton Scout S5 Gun Safe

£585.60Inc. VAT

Burton Scout S5 Gun Safe

No. Guns: 5
Locking: Key
External: 300(W) x 1450(H) x 315(D) mm

Burton Scout S10 Gun Safe

Burton Scout S10 Gun Safe

£800.40Inc. VAT

Burton Scout S10 10 Gun

No. Guns: 10
Locking: Key
External: 500(W) x 1450(H) x 485(D) mm
Found: 2 products