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Fireproof box models are ideal where space is at a premium and are also known as a fire chest. You will find a fireproof box is ideal when you need a place to store items of personal value and protect them from fire. This might be where people are in rented premises and not able to bolt down into any of the surfaces. Having a fireproof box to store documents does have a benefit in that you are able to move it particularly if you need to take documents home from work but need to keep them secure.

Entry level fire proof box models will have a fire resistance of 30 minutes for paper documents and some will also protect digital media such as CDs and DVDs while other models will offer 60 minutes protection. Fireproof box models with 60 minutes fire resistance will be heavier however it is worth noting that some of these models will also offer water resistance when submerged in water for up to 24 hours. Having a fire proof box that is waterproof is ideal if you live in an area prone to flooding.

We often find that a fire proof box is ideal for a small office as documents can be kept securely during the day with entry gained by a key and then when the work day is over it can be locked away in a larger safe or secure room overnight.

Having a fire safe box is a lower cost compared to a fire safe and a lot less bulky, however does not offer the level of security a safe would. Buy your fireproof box today from Simply Safes and get FREE next working day delivery to the UK mainland.

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First Alert 2017 A4 Fire Chest

First Alert 2017 A4 Fire Chest

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First Alert 2017 A4 Fire Chest

Fire Resistance: 30 Minutes
Weight: 9 kg
External: 410(W) x 146(H) x 324(D) mm
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