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ERA Garrison PLUS Alarm Kit

Product Discontinued

ERA Garrison PLUS Alarm Kit is no longer available.
App : Smartphone Control
Alarm Type: SIM Card
Connection: Wireless
Installation: D.I.Y.
Warranty: 2 Years
Availability: In Stock

Item Information

The ERA Garrison PLUS wireless smartphone alarm kit is a popular model as it includes a wireless solar powered siren. Included in the kit is a compact control panel and alerts are generated by adding a pre-paid SIM card. To arm, dis-arm or part arm the alarm you can simply press a button on one of the supplied remote controls. In addition there is also a handy SOS button in the event of an emergency. You can also control the whole alarm by using the SmartPhone app which is available for Apple or Android.

  • The alarm is armed and disarmed using the remote control keyfob or control panel
  • The PLUS kit comes supplied with an external siren box that is solar powered
  • Sensors are pre-linked with the alarm
  • Operates on a 433MHz radio frequency
  • Features a maximum receiving distance of 80 metres (in open field conditions)
  • Batteries supplied with all components
  • This kit will support a maximum of 50 sensors and 10 remote controls
  • Up to 15 IP cameras can be added to the system via the IP116 App
  • In the kit:

  • 1 x Internal control panel with a 90dB siren
  • 1 x Pet friendly PIR sensor
  • 1 x Door / window sensor
  • 2 x Remote controls
  • 1 x External solar powered siren

  • You can purchase more accessories here including an IP camera, RFID keypad and many more.
    ERA Garrison control panel

    1 x Control panel

  • Backlit touch control keypad with GSM signal confirmation indicator
  • Built-in SIM card holder - accepts standard size SIM card
  • SIM card not supplied - we recommend you use an operator suitable for your area
  • Adjustable entry and exit delay
  • Remote monitoring with 'listen-in" and 'two-way talk' functions
  • Wall mounted or table top use with supplied brackets
  • Mains powered with internal battery back up
  • SMS text alerts for: arming / disarming, intruder, tamper, power failure and power recovery
  • Sensor and zone naming - name up to 50 sensors
  • Built-in siren with adjustable volume and duration
  • Voice memo - record and play back
  • Stores 5 x emergency phone numbers and 5 x SMS numbers
  • Speed dial to master phone number
  • Event log

  • ERA pet friendly PIR sensor

    1 x Pet friendly PIR sensor

  • Will ignore pets of 20-25kgs or less
  • Fitted using adhesive pads - no need for screws or drilling!
  • Has a detection coverage of 8 metres in a 110 degree angle
  • Low power LED indicator
  • Features a walk test mode
  • Battery powered - included

  • ERA door / window sensor

    1 x Door / window sensor

  • Coverage for primary entry and exit routes
  • Fitted using adhesive pads - no need for screws or drilling!
  • Suitable for doors or windows
  • Low power LED indicator
  • Battery powered - included

  • ERA remote control

    2 x Remote controls

  • Quick arm and disarm at the touch of a button
  • Part-arm functionality
  • SOS alert button for emergency use
  • Designed to be attached to a key ring

  • ERA Solar Siren

    1 x Wireless solar powered siren

  • Compatible with other ERA wireless alarm systems
  • No mains power required - solar charged
  • Will charge even on overcast days
  • 110dB siren with a selectable duration and volume control
  • Intruder deterrent light which operates 24/7
  • Back up battery fitted which will allow a 45 day standby duration
  • Weatherproof to IP55
  • Tamper protection function
  • Fixed to an external wall - fixings supplied

  • Key benefits

  • Control and set up using a smartphone app
  • No need for wiring or technical knowledge
  • No engineer or additional installation costs
  • Pre-linked components
  • Your system can be part armed - useful at night if you wish to disarm an upstairs
  • GSM telephone connectivity via a built-in SIM card holder. This provides you with alerts and notifications
  • Burglar alarm smartphone

  • Smartphone screenshots

    Control, set up, activate and deactivate your alarm system from your smart phone. Download the ERA Garrison Alarm app from the Apple app store or Google Play for free.

    ERA Garrison Smart Phone

    Typical suggested installation

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