Digital Door Locks made by Sterling Locks

Digital door locks are an ideal replacement for a standard key lock and provide an alternative access method. These can be fitted to both external and internal doors. There are also different types to suit your type of lock that is installed already in the door. The most popular type of lock found in the UK is a mortice lock and an alternative to this is a euro profile type.

We have digital locks for both domestic and commercial use, it is important to select a lock that is most suited to your application, for example if you will be using the door multiple times you should consider a heavy duty model.

Other things to consider when purchasing include:

  • Do you require weather resistance?
  • Do you need a key override?
  • Will you need a lock for an external or internal door?
  • Will you need a right or left hand lock? Most locks are reversible.
  • Do you need sequential or in-sequential numbers to enter?
  • Do you need a code free access?
  • Will you need an option to change the code quickly?
  • Will you require multiple locks in the same building?
  • Will you likely need a model for light or heavy use?
  • Of the models available you have the choice of electronic or a mechanical type. You will find that the electronic locks are battery powered and that you will need to ensure the batteries are changed on a regular basis to ensure that you are not locked out.

    Models in the Burg Wachter range can be programmed with multiple users and software can also be purchased to make programming much easier. There are two versions of the software available and we can discuss your requirements to ensure you have the right one. Please call one of our sales advisors for more information.

    Digital door locks have also moved on over the years and with the increased popularity of smart phones certain models work in conjunction with bluetooth to gain access. We have a dedicated section for this which you can see in our smart locks range.

    Typical applications of use range from cupboard doors which might have stock inside to internal doors on a building where access might be restricted. We have also listed some below:

  • Children's bedroom such as a teenager!
  • External doors to grant temporary access such as a holiday let, children, carers or workmen.
  • Rooms that require restricted access to certain personnel.
  • Self storage facility where you do not wish to provide keys.
  • Sliding doors such as the patio and light industrial type.
  • Garden gates
  • Lockers
  • If you are struggling to find the right lock for your application please do not hesitate to contact us, we might require images to assist you in more depth however speak to one of our sales advisors for more information.

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    Sterling S2230 Digital Door Lock

    Sterling S2230 Digital Door Lock

    £55.80Inc. VAT

    Sterling S2230 Digital Door Lock

    Lock Type : Mechanical
    Smartphone App : No
    Quick Code Change: No
    Found: 1 products