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Churchill Euro Ruby ER14 Deposit Underfloor Safe

The Churchill Ruby ER14 underfloor safe is a ?œ17,500 cash rated model that is designed to be set into concrete. It has a double bitted key lock for access. 3 Models in the range.
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The Churchull Ruby ER14 underfloor safe is part of the Ruby range of 2 models and is designed to be set into concrete under the ground making it hidden from view. This model has a cash rating of £17,500 or £175,000 for valuables and has a lockable deposit facility which is ideal for dropping small items of jewellery or cash by using the capsules provided. Constructed from stainless steel and having a 2mm copper disc, it has a solid feel helping protect from thermal and mechanical attack. Please note the cash ratings are recommended and are approximate, these vary due to conditions and location. Check with your underwriter before purchasing.
   Important Facts
  • External Dimensions W x H x D: 300mm x 470mm* x 300mm
  • Internal Dimensions W x H x D: 290mm x 300mm x 290mm
  • Door Opening Diameter: 140mm
  • Neck Height: 125mm (*height includes neck height)
  • Weight: 29kg
  • Capacity: 25 litres

   Locking Details & Insurance Rating
  • High security VdS Class 1, 7 Lever double bitted key lock supplied with 2 keys
  • Recommended Rating by manufacturer of £17,500 for cash or £175,000 for valuables
  • No insurance certificate supplied

   Other Sizes and Options
  • 2 Sizes in the range
  • Lock upgrades available as an option - please allow additional lead time for fitting

   Fire Test Information
  • This model has not been tested for fire protection

   Warranty Information
  • 1 Year warranty
  • 5 Year warranty available as an upgrade - please call for more details

   Supplied Fittings and Fixing Information
  • Supplied with one water resistant dust cap
  • Supplied with reinforcing mesh and full installation instructions
  • Suitable for setting into concrete in a floor
  • No fixing holes

   Installation Information
  • This safe is designed to be set into concrete using a special mix which is detailed in the instructions supplied
  • Remove any floor covering and expose the concrete floor
  • Mark an area of between 120mm and 150mm on all the safe sides to be cut out
  • You will then need to cut through the concrete to a depth of around 100mm more than the total depth of the safe
  • Where possible angle the sides of the hole outwards giving a dovetail effect
  • You will need to ensure the safe is installed with a damp proof membrane to help prevent damp inside your underfloor safe
  • Once the hole is prepared you will need to make up the mix of concrete and work it in to the hole along with the safe
  • During the filling of the hole you will need to ensure the safe is level
  • Once the hole is filled you will need to allow a drying out time and not use the safe for a period of 7-14 days

  • Deposit facility is lockable and is supplied with 25 capsules
  • Round stainless steel door with 155mm diameter fitted with a 2mm copper thick disc
  • 10 mm diameter locking bolt
  • Finished in high quality grey paint finish
  • Option to purchase additional keys - this is best done at time of order where possible so keys can be checked when they have been cut

    Recommended Uses
  • Smaller items of value that need to be kept secure
  • Documents such as passports, title deeds and birth certificates
  • Cash bags
  • Ensure vital documents are stored in an air tight cover to prevent any damp ingress
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Art. No.CHR-ER14D
EAN code5055409505392
Type of productFloor safe
FixingEncased in concrete
External dim. (HxWxD)470 x 300 x 300 mm
Internal dim. (HxWxD)300 x 290 x 290 mm
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