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Top tips when purchasing a security safe

Burton Torino Security Safe

How many people stop and think about how secure their valuable documents such as passport or driving license are at home from fire or burglar attack when they leave to go to work? Not many do, we would suggest. Usually a security safe is purchased as a result of either of these unfortunate occurrences happening.

Security safes offer you peace of mind and are a worthwhile investment in the long term, especially with identity theft on the rise. Prevent yourself from being another statistic and protect your personal details, vital documents and valuables from falling into the wrong hands today.

Security safes come in all different sizes, different locking mechanisms and also offer different levels of security. It is important to remember that for the manufacturers recommended cash rating to apply you must bolt it down in accordance with the instructions.

Cash ratings explained

Cash ratings on safes that you see advertised on our website are the recommended levels of cover from the manufacturers. Cash ratings on safes give you a good indication of the level of security that it offers, this is affected by several different factors and include things such as the thickness of the safes walls, the quality of the lock and also the protection around the lock to prevent drill attacks.

Cash ratings on safes start at £1,000 cash which means you can store up to £1,000 or up to £10,000 worth of valuables overnight and should mean that your insurance company covers you for these amounts. The amount of content cover is always the cash rating multiplied by 10, so £6,000 cash cover should give you £60,000 contents cover.

The amount of cover varies between the insurance companies or brokers and may be either higher or lower than the recommended rating. We suggest that you contact your insurance company to check that they will cover you if you have a specific high value item as they may require you to have a particular safe in order to cover the policy.

Eurograde safes or high security safes

Eurograde safes or insurance rated safes are graded on a scale between O and VI with O being the lowest and VI being the highest. The locks on these safes all have to pass a test to ensure they will resist different levels of attack as well as the safes themselves.

Different locking mechanisms are available for Eurograde safes with key locking being the most popular. Certain cash ratings even require that the safe has dual locking mechanisms.

Security Safes Check List

Do I need to check with my insurance company before purchasing?

Yes, they may require a higher security safe.

Could my insurance price go down with a security safe?

Yes, your insurance company may reduce your policy.

Do I need to get my safe installed by a professional?

Always look at the weight when making this decision.

Do security safes also protect against fire?

Yes, look at our Phoenix Citadel range.

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