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What to look for when buying a safe - top tips


Buying safes is not something everyone does many times in their lifetime. Some people will not even have considered buying a safe at all. Only when you have experienced the pain of being burgled might you consider the security that safes bring. Our domestic clients often tell us that they wish they had thought of having a safe sooner in their home. This alone we feel is a strong recommendation to buy a safe and protect your identity and irreplaceable items.

It is also worth noting that if you run a business you should also strongly consider the security of its future that having a safe provides. For example would you want important documents which are vital to the smooth running of the business to be either stolen or destroyed in a fire? Could your business survive if you lost all your data? Many statistics point to the fact that 56% percent of business who lose their data will go out of business within a year.

Simply Safes offers a wide variety of safes which includes safes designed for the home, fireproof safes, data safes, fire filing cabinets, deposit safes, key safes and security safes. We understand it can be difficult choosing from the vast array of safes that are on offer so feel free to contact our friendly experts for advice.

Safes Check List

Should I check with my insurance company before buying a safe?

Yes, they may require a higher level of security.

Could my the price of my insurance policy reduce with a safe?

Yes, your policy may reduce.

I need to protect paper documents and back up tapes what should I look for?

Look for a safe which protects magnetic media, this will also protect paper.

Can safes protect against fire and burglary?

Yes certain safes protect against both of these. Check out our fire safes for paper protection.

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