What to look for when purchasing a fireproof filing cabinet

Fire Filing Cabinet - 4 Drawer Sentry Fire File

Fire filing cabinets and fire filing chests are similar to fire safes in that they are have been designed to protect its contents usually paper documents from high temperatures and even actual fire.

Fireproof filing cabinets are rated by the amount of time that they can withstand high temperatures that a fire produces without the internal temperature rising above a level that will damage the contents. Fire files range from 30 minutes to 2 hours protection.

When purchasing a fireproof filing cabinet you need to be wary of the testing that has been carried out on the product to give it its fire rating, particularly if you have very important documents and records that are vital against catastrophic loss. We recommend products that are independently tested to UL & ETL standards.

We recommend you also look to see if the product has been drop tested, this applies especially if you are situated in an office that is not on the ground floor. Also of importance, we suggest looking for a cabinet that has also been tested for sudden exposure to intense heat.

There are two types of fire filing cabinets that can be bought, vertical fire files and lateral fire files. Vertical fire files are the most popular but do not always suit the customers needs and requirements. Lateral fire files are best for storing files of different sizes in the same draw by using adjustable bars, these are included on Sentry models.

Fireproof filing cabinets are offered with key locking as standard with the choice to upgrade this with certain manufacturers. Data inserts can also be purchased for particular models which ensures important magnetic media can be also protected against fire.

Fire Filing Cabinet Check List

How long do you wish the contents to be protected for?

30 minutes to 2 hours protection is available.

Are you situated on the first floor or above?

Look for a cabinet that has been drop tested.

Would loss of the files be catastrophic to you or your business?

Look for an independently tested cabinet.

Do you have files of different sizes?

Choose from our range of lateral fire files.

Do you have a small office but need a fire file?

Choose from our range of compact fire file chests.

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