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What to look for when purchasing a Eurograde safe


Eurograde Safes have been designed and manufactured to meet a relevant grade, they are tested by test laboratories to the Eurograde standard EN1143-1. Eurograde ratings range have 7 levels with the lowest being Grade 0 and highest being Grade VI or Grade 6.

You may ask is there a lot of point in buying a eurograde safe? Having an AiS certified eurograde safe ensures that leading UK insurance companies will normally cover you for the loss or theft of cash or valuables to the value designated to the grade of the safe used.

As with all products we use everyday there are varying degrees of quality of Eurograde Safes. Safe manufacturers will choose to have their safes either tested independently by leading test houses, tested by less stringent testers or are only tested by the manufacturers themselves. This does not mean that any of the safes are less secure but does mean that it is vital you contact your insurer prior to buying to ensure you will be covered.

What does tested to EN1143-1 mean? To comply with the standard EN 1143-1, safes are tested by attacking for partial and complete access. Grade 0 is the only exception, the minimum resistance value for complete access is approximately 50 percent higher because a successful burglary attack would give the burglar complete access to the contents of the safe. In addition, an anchoring test is made on safes with a weight of less than 1,000 kg in weight. All Eurograde safes under this weight must be bolted down securely to ensure that the safe complies with the standard. Look out for products which include installation they offer superb value.

Eurograde Safes Cash Ratings

Cash ratings on Eurograde safes that you see advertised on our website are the recommended levels of cover. Cash ratings on safes give you a good indication of the level of security that it offers, this is affected by several different factors and include things such as the thickness of the safes walls, the quality of the lock and also the protection around the lock to prevent drill attacks.

Cash ratings on safes start at £6,000 cash which means you can store up to £6,000 or up to £60,000 worth of valuables overnight and should mean that your insurance company covers you for these amounts. The value of valuables such as jewellery that can be stored in a Eurograde safe of is the cash rating multiplied by 10, so £6,000 cash cover should give you £60,000 contents cover.

Safes Check List

Should I check with my insurance company before buying a safe?

Yes, they may require you to purchase one from a specific manufacturer.

Could the price of my insurance policy reduce with a safe?

Yes, your policy may reduce in cost.

Can safes protect against fire and burglary?

Yes certain safes protect against both of these. Look out for our Eurograde safes that include fire protection for paper.

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