Bulldog AJ10 Mini Hitch Lock


£74.00 ex. VAT (£88.80 inc. VAT)

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The Bulldog AJ10 mini hitch lock has been tested by Sold Secure to Gold standard and is insurance approved. This hitch lock is designed for use with the hitches listed below and is locked into position using the Bulldog Super Lock bolt. It can be fitted in very easily and has the unique feature of you being able to lower the stabiliser handle whilst towing, this is something not found on other products available. If you require any assistance in choosing a hitch lock please call and speak to one of our friendly sales team.

Suitable for use with the following hitches:
  • Alko 3004 & 2004 Stabiliser hitch heads
  • Alko AKS1300, AK160 & AK300 hitches

  • Fitted with the Bulldog Super Lock Bolt with two keys supplied
  • Can be used hitched or unhitched
  • Tested to Sold Secure Gold Standard - insurance approved
  • Unique design feature that allows the stabiliser handle to be lowered completely when the lock is fitted
  • Locking bolt positioned under the hitch to safeguard an attack to lever it off
  • Supplied with a steel ball for use when the hitch is not attached to a vehicle or post
  • Drill and pick resistant lock
  • Ideal for use with the Bulldog security hitch post
  • Finished in a bright red powder coat for high visibility so it also acts as a visual deterrent
  • Hitch covers the hitch handle and fixing bolts
  • Easy fitting with just two parts
  • Weight: 2.9kg
  • Call one of our sales team if you require any assistance with choosing your hitch lock

    Available in 13 Sizes/Models

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