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Budget safes are entry level models which offer a lower level of security from thieves. We have an extensive range of cheap safes with prices starting from £36.00 including VAT and free UK mainland delivery.

Most budget safes will be lightweight so we always urge customers to ensure the safe is bolted down. Our range of cheap safes have either key or electronic locking. We also have a budget safes model which is portable, perfect for transporting documents which you need to keep secure.

We offer free UK mainland delivery on all our budget safes, do not delay keep your belongings secure in a safe – order today.

DID YOU KNOW? The average time a burglar spends in a house or flat during a break is around 8 minutes. We always recommend customers have a safe in their home to protect their valuables even if it is a cheap safe as having a safe is a deterrent to any opportunist thieves. Having a cheap safe is only a deterrent to thieves and if you are looking to protect valuable items it is worth spending a little extra money to get something with a bit more protection. When purchasing a cheap safe that has an electronic lock you will notice it has emergency keys to gain access, these are meant for emergency use only and should not be kept inside the safe at any point. We often find with these cheap safe models customers do not follow this information and it can prove a costly exercise as some manufacturers are not able to provide replacement keys and so if you are locked out a locksmith will be needed.

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Burg Wachter PointSafe P1S

Burg Wachter PointSafe P1S

£69.55Inc. VAT

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Burg Wachter PointSafe P1S

Locking: Key
External: 280(W) x 180(H) x 200(D) mm

Our Customer Said:
"Quick delivery. The right size for my needs. Installed ok. Peace of mind for valuable contents. (Graham Luck)"

Found: 1 products