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8 May 2017

Your Guide to Greater Peace of Mind

by Benjamin Sparshott

Intruder alarm sophistication has improved over the years quite considerably. A basic home alarm system will cost around £90 and will give you a reasonable amount of protection. If you want something that will provide you with a better, more secure experience then you could upgrade to a wireless system with features such as smartphone integration and fingerprint scanners. A wireless set containing 2 PIR sensors, 2 window and door sensors and a remote key fob will set you back £160 but does add security and ease of use.

The position of these sensors is important. Working out and covering vulnerable areas is vital to securing your property properly. Most systems will allow you to arm and disarm different areas of your home or office. For instance, before you go to bed you can arm the system to activate if unwanted entry is gained downstairs whilst you are asleep but leave you're upstairs free to allow movement during the night. Alternatively, you can arm a stock room during the day to help you prevent theft so an alarm has many uses which you might not think about straight away.

Alarm systems are a fantastic way to secure your property but there is always more you could do. CCTV cameras provide an excellent way to monitor your home, even whilst you’re on the other side of the world. A trend with CCTV cameras at the moment is to fit them with smartphone integration allowing quick monitoring from anywhere on the planet for peace of mind. A basic camera will cost around about £100 and some systems can go all the way up to over £500. These top of the range models often include features such as night vision technology and provide HD video streams.

Positioning these cameras correctly is just as vital as the sensors mentioned previously. A visible CCTV camera will act as a deterrent to potential intruders and coupling CCTV with an alarm will probably move an intruder onto easier pickings.

But not always, in a case from 9th August 2017, a couple watched their CCTV camera stream as their property was being burgled whilst they were 120 miles away on holiday (Couple Watch as Home Burgled). There is always more steps that can be taken to prevent your items being stolen. In the case of this couple they didn’t have a safe and so all their most precious items were laying around. Storing all of your most precious items in a safe prevents a thief from taking them.

On average, it takes 8 minutes for an intruder to enter your home or office and remove items such as valuables, documents or cash. Average police times range from 8-15 minutes. Installation of a safe, even just a £1000 cash rated safe, will mean that in the event of an intrusion your valuables will be locked away safe and secure. However, do not forget to secure it down to a solid surface such as concrete. We often hear of stories in the press where burglars remove the safe because it was not bolted down.


Average Police Response Times 2010-2014


Expected 999 call response times

15 minutes

West Midlands Police

10 minutes

Greater Manchester Police

12 minutes

Metropolitan Police

12 minutes

West Yorkshire Police

9.54 minutes

Hampshire Constabulary

14.49 minutes

Warwickshire Police

8.01 minutes

Avon and Somerset Constabulary

13 minutes

Sussex Police

13 minutes

Devon and Cornwall Police

10 minutes

Kent Police

12.5 minutes