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16 Jan 2017

Which hitch lock?

by James Blackburn

When thinking about purchasing a Hitch lock you need to consider what your specific needs are;

There are several types of Hitch locks available:-

Caravan Hitch locks
Trailer Hitch locks

Caravan and Trailer Hitch Locks

Hitch locks are an effective and visible anti-theft device that can provide a deterrent to opportunist thieves. These locks cover the hitch and prevent thieves from attaching your caravan or trailer to their own car and towing it away, this gives you peace of mind. To choose your hitch lock you first need to know the type of hitch head that is on your trailer or caravan. If you are not sure please feel free to email us a picture and we will help identify the right model.

Most of the hitch locks we feature are of an enclosed type which provides protection from the elements and makes it extra secure and guarded against tampering. These locks are ideal if you live in an exposed area or anywhere that is exposed to the elements.

All our listed hitch locks with the exception of GA95 and AV are tested to Gold Standard by Sold Secure and therefore Insurance approved. Some brokers based on this will offer you a discount on your premium.


We feature two types of hitch locks; Mini and Heavy Duty.


Mini Hitch Locks

Mini Hitch Locks are suitable for touring as they are compact, easily stored and ideal for when stopping at service stations. These models can be used hitched, unhitched or in conjunction with a security hitch post.

Heavy Duty Hitch Locks

Designed for use only when unhitched, examples of this would be for long storage periods securing your trailer or Caravan over the winter months or when on site for an extended period.