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13 Mar 2015

Safe installation

by Richard Westell

When purchasing one of our safes, it is important to look at the weight of the item and consider how you plan to get this item positioned and bolted. Many of the larger safes or our safes with additional fire protection we supply can weigh in excess of 100kg! Indeed we supply models weighing in excess of 500kg!

Phoenix Fire Ranger - InstallationIf you are planning to purchase one of our larger safes, have difficult spaces or flights of stairs to negotiate, or if you just want the peace of mind of knowing that your product has been professionally installed, you may wish to look into using our installation service.

The cost of our service will vary depending upon location and weight of the product to be installed, with some of our models this cost can be factored in at the point of purchase on our website (if there is only one step to negotiate or your safe can be taken to its resting place using a suitable lift). However, should your installation requests be a little more complicated we would provide you with a quotation for this service prior to order. In some cases, an additional site survey may be required to ensure the suitability of the area you wish to have the item installed onto. We may require photographs if delivery is via stairs which will enable us to provide you with a quotation quicker than our competition.

Once our quotation has been approved, Simply Safes will arrange for a suitable delivery and installation date with you.